Top 5 Queries About Pre Matrimonial Investigation

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Top 5 Queries About Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Sep 5, 2021, 7:55:03 AM Business

Getting married is a life-changing decision, both for the individuals and the families involved—a decision of such high momentum warrants a thorough investigation. Snoopers India is a top detective agency in Delhi that is an ideal choice for pre matrimonial investigation.

Q1 - Why is pre matrimonial investigation necessary?

A1 - Marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution that leaves no space for any frauds or lies whatsoever. However, it is not always easy to determine the hidden truth behind the social media timeline or bio-data at hand. 

In the olden times, a prospective match was commonly brought forward by relatives or neighbours. Due to the trust and lifestyle transparency in place, there were fewer cases of wedding fraud. 

But, now families are asked to trust a stranger regarding such significant matters. So, it is safer to hire a detective agency and let them gather some genuine intel.

Q2 - How much does pre matrimonial investigation cost?

A2 - Depending on the type of case and the family in question, our packages vary. For complete information, you can contact any of our offices or leave a query at 

Q3 - What parameters will be revealed by your agency after the investigation is over?

A3 - Pre matrimonial investigation is a precise process that involves several aspects regarding the prospective individual or family in question. We cover a full report that includes -

  • Family complete background check & authenticity
  • Family social behavior and reputation
  • Alliance social behavior and reputation
  • Deep character check of the selected profile
  • Asset verification residence/office ownership
  • Criminal allegations or court cases
  • Family's social behaviour and reputation
  • Past or present relationships of the prospective match
  • Drug abuse habits (smoking/drinking/others)
  • Complete job profile and annual salary
  • Financial stability and background of the family
  • Bride/groom's character 


Q4 - What is a pre matrimonial investigation process in India based on?

A4 - Much of the effort would rely on what kind of information the suspect spouse wants to know. Two sections that are usually concentrated in a pre-marital investigation are: 

1) What hasn't he/she revealed to you? Under this section, our firm on multiple occasions have uncovered that the groom/bride-to-be "failed" to report a previous arrest or two. It could be a simple case of trespassing, which is not a big deal; or it could be domestic abuse or involvement in prostitution, that is probably worth knowing.

2) What details are incorrect among the information that he/she offered you? (i.e. lying). This might involve prior marriages, false school or company credentials and excessive financial holdings. 

Q5 - How long does it take to conduct a pre matrimonial investigation?

A5 - The number of days taken to conduct the investigation varies from one case to another. Although we can’t commit the exact time, we understand the time constraint in such situations and try to give you the best results in approximately 14 days. 

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