Benefits of Having A Dogs

Benefits of Having A Dogs

Apr 23, 2021, 4:51:54 AM Opinion

Dogs are perhaps the greatest gift of god. They give us devoted companionship, unconditional love and make sure we are happy when we are feeling down. Our life is better because of dogs and that is a fact. They are also good for our health and they make sure we stay with them for a long, long time. 

Even scientists believe that having a dog as your lifelong companion makes your life much better and helps you live a healthier life. Dogs are good for our health and there has been research done on this to prove it. They make us healthier, happier, make it easy to deal with hard times and allow us to be a better person. 

Here are different facts proven by science about how dogs benefit us just for existing. 

They Chase Away the Loneliness 

It has been scientifically proven that dogs chase away loneliness. They are there for you, give you emotional support, are a source of comfort, give you cuddles when you need it and fend off social isolation when you are feeling down. If you have a dog, you will not feel lonely. 85% of the dog owners actually are happier.

They Make Your Heart Healthier

Dogs can make your heart health better and help you live longer. According to a study done and published between 1950 and 2019, it was discovered that the owners of dogs had a very low risk of heart disease and death as a result of it. They have lower blood pressure and help you respond to stressful situations in a better way. The research also claims that the bond created between dogs and their humans makes cardiovascular problems better. 

They Make Crisis Management Easier 

Managing crises in your life because it is much easier when you have a dog. They help us recover psychologically and make it easier for us to recover from a crisis in a better shape. According to a study, military veterans who suffered from PTSD recover much more quickly both psychologically and physiologically when they have a service dog as their companion. Thanks to these dogs, the veterans have fewer PTSD symptoms and they actually cope better. 

They Make Us Happier 

Dogs make us happier and make sure to lift our spirits when we are down. According to a research conducted in Japan, love hormones are released after staring in the eyes of your dogs. They are a nature source of mood boosting. People who have depression or deal with anxiety are urged by their doctors to get a dog and spend some time with them on a daily basis. In fact, patients of AIDS have been recorded as to have less depression if they have a pet dog. 

While getting a dog may seem like the easiest thing in the world, they impose responsibility on you. If you do get a dog, make sure to feed them right and healthy honden snackbox treats, give them proper exercise and spend time with them. Pay attention to them and you will become their whole world. 

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