Best Tips to Survive Australian Summer

Best Tips to Survive Australian Summer

Feb 11, 2022, 5:29:04 PM Life and Styles

Australia is popular for its long days, warm nights and basking on a beach. Excessive points for Vitamin D are present all over Australia, unlike many European countries. But Australia is also notorious for its harsh summer conditions. An Independent Climate Council has warned the government of Australia to prepare for dangerous summers like hot, very hot summers, with recurring and persistent heatwaves. 

Whether you are a backpacker or a native, summers can be an enjoyable game. If you are a native then create a sanctuary in your home by keeping in mind the special architecture for homes used to combat harsh climate. And, if you are a tourist then be careful to equip and accoutre yourself with necessary belongings, which could help you to face and survive through the summer season. 

We are not here to scare or frighten you from visiting with your family in Australia during heatwave months but instead, we are here to assist you on how to keep yourself hydrated and cool during these dog days. So, without wasting any time, here is a handy guide on how to survive an Australian summer.

Drink and keep logged:

Drinking a lot of water in summers will keep you hydrated and logged all the time. Restore to at least 3 litres of fresh water in an insulated stainless steel bottle, ideally not an icy one and drink it every 20-25 minutes. 

Start your day early:

If you are an aerobic lover then start your day between 5.00-7.00 am and do run, walk, cycle, hike or swim, it’s up to your preference. From 1.00-6.00 pm shelter inside an air-conditioned or well-ventilated place. If you are on an outdoor activity then probably a shopping mall or a restroom would be a great option.

Keep your head and body cool:

Keep a cooling towel with you every time. That must be of great quality, it can cool down below 20 degrees celsius even if it seems to be hot on the outside. It should be with you especially after a hike, ride, or a long walk. 

Wear the best for protection:

If you are on a holiday trip to Australia with your family and expecting long hours on a beach or planning for a hike on Tasmanian trails. Then don’t overlook the packing of summer clothes for women and children. Wear light colour fabric, which is wrinkle-free and has the ability to absorb moisture. 

If you are in Australia with a scarcity of summer clothes then order them online. Long-sleeve breathable shirts, cool kids clothes and summer clothes for women are available online. Summer clothes for women and kids are in high demand. Ladies love to buy summer clothes for women online especially after the pandemic.

Take vitamins and eat light meals:

Vitamins are indispensable nutrients because by sweating we lose our energy. So crucial vitamins and supplements can boost our energy. To avoid stingers eat a lighter meal, which has magnesium, calcium and potassium in it.

Fruit salads, mixed nuts, fresh juices, legumes and rice dishes are on our list.

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