Difference Between Genuine Parts and OEM Parts

Difference Between Genuine Parts and OEM Parts

Oct 7, 2021, 2:49:38 PM Life and Styles

Everybody wants genuine spare parts when you want to change a part of your car or a truck. It is our thinking that genuine spare parts are of better quality and performance. It is somehow a misconception, as companies have given licenses to some companies to prepare the spare parts for them. Those days are gone, when you can only acquire the genuine spare parts of your vehicle. There are many alterations coming in each of the models of a vehicle. It is simply impossible for companies to prepare all the spare parts of each vehicle. So you can see genuine and OEM parts in truck accessories store and car accessories store.

In this article, we are discussing the fact, what is the main difference between genuine and OEM parts, how we find mostly the OEM parts in truck accessories store and car accessories store.

A genuine spare parts:

Genuine spare parts are the parts that are installed in your vehicle and are prepared by the manufacturer by themselves. These parts are usually expensive and companies do supply the genuine spare parts of a certain model for a certain time, these parts are usually expensive as they have the maker's monogram or logo on them. You have to remember the genuine parts are not better in quality than the OEM parts, as these parts are also prepared at the same standards as the genuine parts. 

The companies do tend to stop the production of a certain model after a certain period of time and license a company to prepare the spare parts for their vehicles according to the SOPs of the makers of the vehicles. The genuine parts are usually expensive due to this fact as they are carrying the maker’s logo on them.

OEM parts: 

The experts of the vehicles recommend it is better to use the OEM parts as these spare parts are completely the same quality as genuine spare parts. These companies do prepare the same quality of spare parts, but these parts are not as expensive as genuine spare parts. The Main behind it is that they don’t have made the parents' company and are prepared by some other company, so you can see the packaging in a blank cartoon. 

The OEM companies are actually Original Equipment Makers companies, these companies also provide various spare parts to the Parents’ company of vehicles. Companies tend to hire OEM companies to prepare the spare parts for them to reduce the pressure on the assembly line of their factories. The main reason behind it is to meet the demand of the market and a lot of vehicles in a season. Companies do tend to hire an OEM company to produce the spare parts for their models, so the OEM companies actually produce the same quality of the spare part, but as these parts don’t carry the maker’s logoMany alterations are coming, so these parts are a little less expensive as compared to the genuine parts.

So, be clear the OEM parts are precisely the same parts and same quality as genuine parts. The only difference here is, they don’t carry the manufacturer logo. So you can rely on the performance of the OEM parts as they are equivalent to the genuine parts.

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