Difference Between Snowboarding And Skiing

Difference Between Snowboarding And Skiing

May 27, 2021, 10:11:43 AM Sport

Skiing and Snowboarding are thrilling and enjoyable sports.Skiing as compared to Snowboarding is an older sport. Snowboarding was first discovered by “Sheman Poppen” for a recreational purpose for his daughter, later it became popular around the world. First official race of Snowboarding was arranged in Vermont in 1982. 

Snow-boarding is a difficult sport as compared to skiing. Snowboarding and skiing are similar in many ways , as both the sports are foster on the same track. Buy skis fernie, as you can also enjoy snowboarding on the same track.

We are discussing major differences between Snowboarding and Skiing in this article.


Snowboarding is a difficult support to master as compared to skiing. You have no support in snowboarding, the player has to balance his body causing all the pressure on the knees and legs during gliding. Snowboarder also uses his arms to give direction to his forward movement. You require strong leg and knee muscles to keep your balance.

In snowboarding participants only use a board to descend from a slope. The single snow-board is attached to the player's feet, with help of specially crafted snow-boarding boats. Snowboarders have nothing to support their body during the gliding. Snowboarding is similar to surfing, as you are similarly balancing your body during gliding. 

In snowboarding, the player is facing sideways along with the board. The stretch can be difficult during maneuvering from tricky slopes. In snowboarding you have to navigate the whole body. You have no support for navigation, only have to use your own body balance.  

Normally Snowboarders use powder and crud to navigate and glide easily. The friction between snow and the board decreases and pressure on the knees reduces during the sliding process. More friction can cause increased pressure on the knees, which can damage the knees muscles. Beginners may find sore knees ligaments. 

Snowboarders normally use wood boards,but modern snowboards are made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminium. These modern boards are less in weight and provide extra flexibility during snowboarding.


Skiing was first invented by the Samis and Nordic people for military purposes. Different military exercises were conducted by using skis. The main purpose was to hunt and recreation activity for military personnel. The first race of skiing was conducted in 1932 in Norway. 

Skiing is considered to be easy as compared to snowboarding, as you ski poles to provide you proper balance. In skiing the player is facing straight ahead,leaning forward and feet are attached to the boots of skis. Players feel enormous pressure on their knees and leg muscles but skiing poles provide the players an extra sport during forward gliding. 

Skiing is easier to learn for beginners as compared to snowboarding. Experts believe if you learn the art of using skiing poles, you can be an expert in this sport. Gliding on the snow can be difficult so skiers normally use power to reduce the friction during skiing. 

Skiing equipment include a protective gear, skiing google, gloves, skiing poles, gloves, helmet and skiing boots, skis specially attached to the boots. This protection is necessary for proper protection, as sudden accidents can cause injuries especially in the knee area.

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