The Importance of Protective Equipment in Sports

The Importance of Protective Equipment in Sports

Jun 23, 2021, 9:13:05 AM Tech and Science

Support needs special equipment and protection to play safely. These supports can not be played without proper protection like American football, Ice hockey, Field hockey, Cricket, etc. Some winter sports like snowboarding and snow skiing also required particular dressing and protective equipment. Car and motorcycle racing are thrilling sports and adventure-thirsty people idealize those sports. You can’t imagine taking part in those sports without the right gear and protection.   

The list below is the equipment required for survival in different sports.


Mouthguard and custom sports mouthpiecesare used to protect your mouth, teeth, and tongue from injuries. The mouthguard is special equipment used in raw sports like boxing, wrestling, field hockey, and cycling. In these supports, you need to protect your jaws, teeth, and nose. Mouthguards are manufactured according to the requirement of safety in a particular game. These days, the teeth guard is commonly used by athletes to provide extra protection from injuries. 

 Mouthguards are of three different types:

1-Stock mouthguard

2-Boil and bite mouthguard

3-Custom made mouthguard


The helmet is special equipment prepared according to the requirement of a different sport. A helmet must be used as head injuries are the dangerous and major cause of fatal injuries in sports. Normally head injuries require timely care and attention for recovery. Each sport helmet can be different, helmet material has been improved by the addition of alloys in their manufacturing. They are lightweight and strong enough to protect you.

Eye protection:

The eye is the most delicate portion of our body, any sort of injury to the eyes may result in permanent or temporary blindness. Polycarbonate glasses are used for eye protection. Eyeglasses are useful equipment in supports like ice hockey, baseball, and skiing, etc. Nowadays swimmers are wearing specially crafted eyeglasses to protect from particles in the water and the thrust of water. The cyclist also wears special eye protection from the air resistance and dust particles in the air.

Wrist, knees, elbow, and shin guard:

In games where players have to confront each other. Then your joints and bones are at high risk of breakdown. During the heat of the game like in football and hockey, you can easily fracture your bones, if left unprotected. During running and twisting your bodies, your knees and ankles are under high pressure. So it is highly advisable to wear various protective equipment during these games. 


In games where hardball is used to play, padding is useful to protect your chest, elbow, and feet. These games include cricket, hockey, baseball, etc. For example in cricket, bowlers are bowling at a fast speed, so without proper equipment, you are at high risk of serious injuries. The same applies to baseball where pitchers are throwing fastballs towards the batter. In hockey, goalkeepers are at risk of serious injuries. Playing these games without proper padding and protection is not recommended by the experts of the game. 

Wearing protective equipment for special equipment is advisable for different supports. Playing different games now is a professional activity. If you are not wearing the required equipment for particular support, you are endangering your life and health. 

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