The Performance of the Skateboard and Grip Tape

The Performance of the Skateboard and Grip Tape

Nov 18, 2021, 10:22:58 AM Sport

The grip tape is a type of sandpaper and it is glued to the top side of the stake deck, it provides you a secure footing and allows you the best footing and control of your movement during the skating, the skateboard grip tape comes in various varieties, you need to adjust it according to your requirement. The skateboard grip tape can provide you with extra control and you can perform various tricks on your skateboard. The skating players are always in pursuit of the highest control during their display, as they need to balance their movement and maintain the best level of the center of gravity. For This purpose the players usually use the skateboard grip tape, to have better control of their movements.

In this article, we are discussing the performance of the skater and the skateboard grip tape:

The composition of the skateboard grip tape:

The surface of skateboard grip tape consists of silicon carbide and it is made to provide the highest level of resistance and friction to your deck and to the sole of your shoes. Without this friction, it is difficult to balance your deck in the air and get the highest level of the c control on your skating board. 

The grip tape comes in different colors and prints to match perfectly with your skating board. Some of the brands are presenting their deck with increasingly elaborate graphics and designs, so the skateboard grip tape in the transparent coloring, which is great for your skateboard design.

The measurement of the skateboard grip tape: 

The standard sheet of the skateboard grip tape is around 9”x 33″(22.8cm x 83.8cm) in size. This measurement is perfectly designed for the skateboard, and it is virtually suitable for all types of decks. For wider decks, there are also large sheets of skateboard grip tape available according to the size of your skating board. 

You need to decide the granularity of the skateboard grip tape. You should not use the extra rough skateboard grip tape for normal skating, as these more granular tapes provide you extra control, but it can make your shoes rough very quickly and you need to purchase the skating shoes every month, which can be a costly proposition.

The wear and tear of the skateboard grip tape: 

The grip tape wears out after some period of time, the main reason for this wear and tear is consultant t friction of the grip tape. It can also be fatal for your skating shoes, if you are using extra granular tape, when your grip tape is worn down, it can become a little difficult to perform the tricks with your skating board. If your skateboard is worn to this extent, that you can maintain your balance perfectly, don’t panic.

The skateboard grip tape does wonders with your skateboard and provides the required level of control you are searching for, in your skating board. Without the skateboard grip tape, you would not be able to get the required level of control and the perfect center of gravity for aerobics.

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