The Various Types of Filter Cartridges

The Various Types of Filter Cartridges

Nov 13, 2021, 4:23:37 PM Life and Styles

The water filtration systems have now improved much more and Filter cartridges has now become more complicated. Now there are three to five chambers in a single kartuschen für wasserfilter. For multistage filtration there are different types of filter cartridges, each of them removes a particular compound from the water and makes it more clean and absorbable to the body. Some of the filter cartridges are specially designed to remove the sediments, some kill bacteria from the water, the price of the filtration plant increases by adding more and more stages in the filter cartridge. There are some filter cartridges, which reintroduce some of the minerals in the water.   

In this article, we are discussing various types of filter cartridges and their usage:

Sediment Filtration Cartridges: 

The sediments filter cartridges are made to remove the sediments and the dirt from the water. Sediment filters are made to remove such dirt particles from your water to make it healthy to drink. The sedimentation filtration cartridges can remove the dirt, dusk, silt, rust, scale and much more, these cartridges only have a size of one micron, such filtration cartridges are not made to remove the microscopic organism and the bacteria from your water, and its main function is to remove the dust particles from your water.  

Reverse osmosis cartridges: 

The reverse osmosis membrane is the main filtration and it is extremely dense, and it can even filter out the tiniest microscopic particles. Some of the effective reverse osmosis membranes can even remove the microorganisms like viruses as tiny as 1/10,000th of the micron. These filters are extremely effective and can even remove almost anything from your water, the reverse osmosis can also remove the pesticides, chemicals, and make your water cleaner as you can imagine.

Ceramic filtration cartridges: 

The ceramic filtration cartridges are positively charged and can attract bacteria towards them. When the bacteria make contact with the ceramic wall, silver is infused in the filter and distributed to the positively charged metal ions, these ions destroy the bacteria and make the water smooth and clean for you to drink. The ceramics filter is the most effective type of filtration, as they are no accumulation of contamination in the filtration process, the ceramics filtration’s only function is to remove the bacteria from the water and they are nothing to do with the contaminations as all passes through the filter cartridges.

Alkaline ionizer filtration cartridge: 

After all the filtration possesses, our drinking water, our water lacks some of the essential minerals of the water, the Alkaline ionizer filtration adds some of the alkalinity in the water to make it healthy to drink. The main function of the alkaline ionizer is to make the water’s perfect pH for drinking and also balance your water.


Water filtration is necessary to make the water healthier to drink, as there are many germs and particles in the water, which can be dangerous for our health. The water filtration cartridges are specially designed for a particular purpose, and each water filtration cartridge only performs its simple functionality, when water is passing through it.

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