How To Choose Correct Pinterest Scheduler To Increase Website Traffic

How To Choose Correct Pinterest Scheduler To Increase Website Traffic

Jan 31, 2022, 2:04:52 PM Business

According to speculated data, today, more than 450 million people worldwide are using Pinterest to get motivated and create something that can inspire the world. So there are high chances that all the marketers reading this must already be aware of the numbers. After all, this is what they do- all day, every day! 

Apart from keeping track of numbers, marketers are always looking to increase traffic to their websites. As a result, they always find ways to help enhance traffic on their websites and blogs. 

So for all the marketers reading it today, we have questions for you- have you yet come across the power of a good Pinterest scheduler? Whether your answer is a yes or no, continue reading to uncover the best Pinterest scheduling tool available in the market at present. 

We are pretty sure that numerous of you reading it must be thinking, what is so life-changing about a Pinterest scheduling tool? Or how is using a Pinterest scheduling tool linked to increasing website traffic? To answer your questions, we would like to add some data. According to another speculated data, around 86% of users have bought something based on pins they saw from brands. Yes, that's true. Over the years, Pinterest has become a shopping inspiration to hundreds of people. 

The secret to inspiring people to shop from you is not simply creating avant-garde posts or writing phenomenal blogs on your websites. Instead, you must know how to market these, and the robust way of doing it is by posting consistently on Pinterest. After all, Pinterest is a platform where the average half-life of a pin is three months. Unbelievable, right? So why not use it to your advantage. 

How Can Pinterest Scheduler Help Increase Website Traffic? 

There is no denying that numerous of you reading this must be wondering how a Pinterest scheduling app can help you gain more clients or traffic to the website and blog section, worry not. We are here for some valid reasons. 

  • Pinterest is nothing less than a search engine, and if you post here consistently with the help of a Pinterest scheduling tool, there are maximum chances that your pins will continue to get found years after publishing. Yes, it is not like any other social media platform where you will invest your time in creating a post, and it will vanish within hours. 
  • You can easily rank your pins using the best Pinterest scheduler and appropriate keywords. Yes, that's true. The Pinterest algorithm isn't as advanced as Google, so using effective keywords can make a lot of difference. 
  • According to another speculated, over 24% of Pinterest usage includes finding and buying products. Hence using an efficient Pinterest scheduler, you can do bulk scheduling and post pins consistently. This small act will lead to enhanced client engagement. 
  • Perpetually creating ace content can be pressurizing, and your creativity may end up going in vain. But using a Pinterest scheduling tool, you can create pins for a week in advance on a free weekend which fuels our creativity the most. A scheduler will give you extra time to think and create something that the world has not seen already.

Now comes how to choose the correct Pinterest scheduler to increase traffic and leverage all the above-stated benefits. 

How To Pick The Correct Pinterest Scheduler For Increasing Website Traffic? 

One of the most popular Pinterest schedulers currently available is RecurPost, which supports RecurPost. There is no denying that RecurPost effortlessly simplifies the bulk of your social media marketing efforts, including post scheduling, bulk posting, optimization and content creation. 

You must check all the below mentioned points in a scheduler before opting for it as your go-to Pinterest scheduling tool. 

  1. Optimized Content: It is nothing but vital that you put out fully optimized content on your social media. After all, it is the only way of attracting more clients. Whether you create an avant-garde pin or the best content, if you don't have it fully optimized, there are high chances that your pins may not get showcased to the right audience. Pick for the Pinterest scheduler that will help you input the optimized content. 
  2. Creative Images: The pin images are the most critical component of any Pinterest account. Hence, search for a Pinterest scheduling tool that can help you find the right images that guarantee no copyright issues. Do you remember how our science teacher stated that images leave a longer imprint on the mind than words? Look for images that are not solely expressive but out-of-the-box too. We consider RecurPost the best Pinterest scheduling tool because it can help you find such ace images. 
  3. Bulk Scheduling: You must look for a Pinterest scheduler with no boundations to perform bulk scheduling. Never opt for a scheduler that limits your scheduling to certain days; instead, look for a tool to schedule Pinterest posts for longer days. RecurPost provides you with the opportunity to do bulk scheduling for weeks. 
  4. AI-Based Scheduler: Opting for an AI-based scheduler will help in numerous unexpected ways. The AI will smartly read the time when the engagement level on your pins is the most active and will suggest you post accordingly. Once you uncover the chances of when your audience engagement is most active, you will see a drastic difference in your reach and engagement. Timings and optimization can together lead to the enhancement of your Pinterest profile. 


Search for the qualities mentioned above in the Pinterest scheduler. But if you are thinking- is it even possible to find all these qualities in one scheduler? Let us break it to you- yes, it is. RecurPost is one of the best Pinterest schedulers that will offer you more features than just those mentioned above. 

RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that will offer the best Pinterest scheduler features and bring you better features than any other free facebook post scheduler. We understand that Free schedulers attract you more but what's the point if you don't get the right features. At RecurPost, you will get to schedule customized pins for your specific audience, along with the right pin images within a few clicks. You will also get to schedule linkedin posts, schedule Instagram posts, schedule google my business posts, and schedule tweets

If you are searching for free Hootsuite alternatives, no other social media scheduler can be better than RecurPost. Connect with RecurPost and start driving more traffic to your website with bulk posting and hassle-free scheduling. In addition, you will get to explore features such as libraries, hashtag bags and more. If you want, you can even go for a 14-day free trial. 

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