Signs of Infertility and How to Remedy the Situation

Signs of Infertility and How to Remedy the Situation

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It is estimated that the average birth rate of women worldwide is 2.4, which means females are known to give birth at least twice in their life. This average is said to be declining and this is mainly caused by infertility problems.

Infertility is diagnosed when a couple or a female is not getting pregnant after trying for one year. The case for older females aging 35 and above is different. They could be considered infertile if they have been trying to get pregnant for six months.

However, it’s not just the female who could be diagnosed as infertile. The percentage of males and females that cause the inability to produce an offspring is equal.

More on Global Infertility

Singapore is named as the country with the lowest fertility rate and this is because more and more women in their country are not getting married. A study made shows that women in Singapore are no longer marrying to improve financial stability as this is no longer necessary. It is also known that the immigration rate in Singapore is getting higher.

Meanwhile, Niger is known as the place with the highest fertility rate. Women here are averaged to conceive at least 7 times in their lives.

When it comes to countries that are known for treating infertility, Russia and USA are known to have fertility centers that could help a couple conceive. These countries are also known to welcome foreign couples to address infertility, whether it’s through IVF treatment or surrogacy.

However, there are countries that have specific laws regarding infertility treatments. Surrogacy in India is only legal for local married couples. The surrogacy needs to be altruistic. Ireland, however, welcomes these treatments or solutions but do not have specific laws about these.

What Causes Infertility?

There are a few reasons why a male or a female is diagnosed as infertile. Aside from the inability to conceive a child, it is possible that there are no other symptoms for both to be considered infertile. Which is why testing and knowing what to look out for is very important.

For females, one of the most common reason is the inability to ovulate. If the period of the female is deemed as too long or too short, then ovulation may not be taking place as it should.

Some of the common ovulation disorders are the following:

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – More and more females are diagnosed with this syndrome as of this day. This syndrome causes hormonal imbalance that can affect the process of ovulation.
  • Hyperprolactinemia – This is when the pituitary glands of a female are producing too much prolactin. This will reduce the amount of estrogen produced by the body and also lessens the chances of ovulating properly.
  • Hypothalamic Dysfunction – The pituitary glands are responsible for the hormones that promote ovulation and fertility. If the female is stressed or over and underweight, the production of these hormones is affected. Thus, ovulation ill also be affected.

Aside from ovulation, the condition of the female’s fallopian tube could also be a factor as to why she is not successful with conceiving a child. This is known as tubal infertility caused by pelvic inflammatory diseases, pelvic tuberculosis, and if applicable, surgeries done that involve the female’s abdomen and pelvis.

Males are also known to be infertile due to multiple reasons. One of the most reasons why a male is diagnosed as infertile is low sperm count. Typically, if a couple goes to an expert to seek help on conceiving a child, males will have to do a sperm count test.

Low sperm count may be caused by any of these:

  • Infection – inflammation or blockage of the epididymis or testicles could cause low sperm count production. STIs could also affect the quality and number of sperms that a male can produce.
  • Antibodies that are anti-sperm – there are antibodies or immune cells that see sperms as threat or harmful to a male’s body. When this is the case, the sperms are attacked by these cells.
  • Cancer Medication – there are certain medications that can affect the male’s ability to produce enough sperm. If a male needs to undergo cancer treatment, it is expected that his sperm count will lessen. It’s the reason why there are male cancer patients who choose to store their sperms in a sperm bank before undergoing any treatments.

Low sperm count in males can also be affected by environmental factors like exposure to too much heat, radiation, and harmful chemicals. Mental health is also a factor to consider. It’s best to avoid getting stressed when both males and females are trying to conceive.

Reducing alcohol intake and not smoking can also help better the chances of a couple to get pregnant. Drug use and being overweight can also lessen the chance of fertility in both males and females.

Commonly Known Treatments and Solutions

While some couples do not immediately resort to treatments after the first year of trying, there are still some couples who are easily turning to treatments to be able to conceive. Here are the most common treatments and solutions to infertility problems.

  • Artificial insemination – also known as the intrauterine method, this is an option for females who can produce healthy eggs and are capable of staying pregnant. This process is done through directly inserting the sperms into the female’s uterus to better the chances of fertilizing her egg.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – This is a procedure that’s also done if surrogacy is an option. There are multiple reasons why IVF is the best option for a female, male, or a couple trying to conceive. This is done by fertilizing an egg outside the body of the female. Both egg and sperm are brought together in a tube or lab plate for fertilization.
  • Surrogacy – This is common for a female who, for some reason, can’t remain pregnant. People commonly refer to this as renting a womb. The egg and sperm can be from the couple who are trying to conceive. If both male and female can’t produce healthy sperms and eggs, this is when donors are needed. What should be emphasized about surrogacy is that the female who will carry on with the pregnancy will not be genetically related to the offspring.

To help a person choose the best option to remedy his or her fertility problems, there are fertility healthcare platforms that they can check Elawoman is partnered with international fertility clinics that can help patients go through the process of conceiving.

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