Parenting guide

Parenting guide

Mar 24, 2021, 5:48:21 AM Creative

The first five years of parenting is certainly the most rewarding and enjoyable experience but also physically and emotionally challenging. During this period you can develop your child's character. It's because in the initial 5 years your children are very innocent and know only the language of love and affection.

Just like a lump of clay where you can mold and give them the shape you like, with tremendous grasping power.

Once you have a crystal view of your child's behavior pattern, you can then modify it by triggers and consequences. Parents should concentrate on encouraging and rewarding the good behavior of their kids all the time, to keep them motivated.

As per the research on child psychology, a child can grasp almost 50% of the knowledge of life. Life is messy, so let your children explore being productive and let them make mistakes, without shaming or criticizing. You may have to try and ignore certain behavioral patterns, try not to give in, remove certain privileges, look and sound as if you mean it when asking your child to do something.

Give examples of your blunders as a chance to show them that learning never stops and that we can all have our bad days. Admitting when you’ve made a mistake, apologizing, and seeking to improve is great for everyone.

Let your kids make choices do not get rigid to the point that you forget to give a choice to the child. Be your child's support but not to the point that the child is unable to do anything on his own, it will result in low self-confidence and self-esteem.


  1. Encourage your children.
  2. Discover your child's strength.
  3. Teach them to never give up. It's not mandatory to win every race teach them to complete the race.
  4. Avoid comparison.
  5. Give your toddlers constant support.
  6. Teach them self-balance.
  7. Instead of bribery, do rewards.​

It takes about five minutes (maybe less) to make a toddler. But it takes tons longer to find out the way to be an excellent parent. Parenting may be a complex behavior that you simply learn from many sources.

Parenting is a difficult skill and challenging but then again very rewarding. Parents need to have patience, consistency, love, compassion, and understanding.

Choose the proper tool and patience for your children, remember you as a parent are learning in this journey, and every day will come up with a chance to start fresh. 

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world. Hang in there — you’ve got this!

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