How to choose ready-made curtains

How to choose ready-made curtains

Aug 25, 2021, 6:57:56 AM Life and Styles

You may be planning to change the style of your curtains. It is widespread to try to give a chance to decorate your home when the season is about to change. Now effortless and affordable, thanks to the ready made curtains. You have to choose the style, the meters, the colors, and in an instant, you can receive ready-made curtains at home ready to hang. And in this post, we will give you some tips so that you can choose the curtains that best suit the style of your home. So let's go there.


  1. First, you will have to decide if you want plain colors or patterned colors. At this point, it is difficult to advise you without having seen the whole of the room. What you should keep in mind is that solid colors are much easier to combine, but, of course, with patterns, you can give a very original touch to that room you are decorating, and of course, it can give a very cheerful touch to the room of your children, if you are thinking of changing the curtains, of course.
  2. When buying ready-made curtains, you must consider the finish of the upper part of the curtain, blind or panel because your choice will determine whether your option should be the rails or the bars.
  3. As regards ready-made curtains, you must take into account the degree of transparency you want. If you're going to let in a lot of or little light, what degree of privacy do you want for your family. There are endless shades, and here, you will never go wrong when you buy ready-made curtains.


As for the measurements, you don't have to worry at all. When you buy curtains made online, you will see that you only have to measure the height and width. The computer system already calculates all the necessary meters, depending on the preparation you have chosen.

By the way, now we will look a little more at the finish of your ready-made curtains. You can choose to:

1-Gathered ready-made curtains

  • They are possibly the easiest to do. It is simply a matter of sewing a strip and stretching the cords that go through it. They are often used a lot for bedrooms and he living room curtains. You can hang them with a rail, although they also admit rings with clips that slide down the bar.

2. Curtains made with Pasabarra

It is a system that has also become very popular among ready-made eyelet curtains. It is a somewhat informal style. Usually put in bedrooms. They are decorative, and the rod is placed inside the loop tape sewn on the curtain. They do not show the curtain rod, so it is perfect if you have an old and worn rod that you want to keep and do not want to see, right?

3. Curtains made with ollado

  • In this system, you will see that the curtains have holes with a metal ring in the same fabric and that the bar passes through them. It is undoubtedly a very contemporary style often placed on curtain rods. The material of the earrings is usually stainless steel, so they resist wear very well.

4. Curtains made with boards

·        It is a traditional style of curtain made with ribbons. Very elegant also for bedrooms.

5. Curtains made with three folds or two folds

·        That uses the same previous system but needs, as its name suggests, more meters of fabric for the folds. These types of curtains usually go on curtain rails.

6. Ready-made curtains of the perfect wave

It is perhaps the most innovative model that is currently in fashion. The effect is achieved thanks to sliding pieces installed by the curtain rail system.

In this image you can see all the types of clothing that we have explained:

Free samples so that you can choose the curtain that interests you most comfortable sitting at home. Of course, you can buy your curtains at any time you want, any day of the week. One of the significant advantages of online stores is what advantages can you get if you buy your curtains made online? Well many. The first and perhaps the most important is that you will get better prices because the sale takes place directly between the manufacturer and the customer, thus eliminating many intermediaries.

The fact that the sale is online does not mean that you cannot consult all your doubts through the different customer service services—quite the opposite. There are many more lines of communication. You can get in touch with them either by phone, by email, or by chat.

Online stores send that they never close.

Well, we have got this far. We have seen some tips so that you can choose the ready-made curtains that best suit the decoration of your home. You have to consider the rest of the furniture you have in a specific room, the colors, and the manufacturing system that you think best suits. Buying ready-made curtains are straightforward because you only have to measure the height and width, and the manufacturer will take care of taking them to your home in a few days and at really affordable prices.

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