10 Keys To Writing A Speech

10 Keys To Writing A Speech

May 18, 2017, 9:36:35 PM Creative

If you have ever had to talk to an audience, perhaps you have noticed the difficulties in catching the ideas and making a logical and coherent structure of your speech. Moreover, you may have even noticed that your speaking is not as efficient and impressive as your writing. Of course, it is difficult to speak flawlessly without having experience in public speaking, however, you can always master your skills and bring your speech to a totally new level. We would recommend you to start working on your skills with the very first step which is writing a speech.

Writing a speech is an important step though it requires a certain approach to be followed. Now we are going to talk about 10 key tactics that will help you to write a stunning speech with ease.

Talk about important things

The only way to write a speech that everyone will love is to talk about important things that really matter. Thus, make sure that the idea of your speech is strong enough to be interesting to the people.

Use impressive arguments

The idea should be interesting to attract the attention of the audience, however, the idea is not enough to make your speech work. You need to use the facts and arguments that not only support the main idea but also impress your audience. If you cannot impress your audience, your speech will become one of those that no one ever remembers.

Mind the structure

Your speech must be well-structured so that people who listen to you can catch the idea of what you are talking about right here and right now. At this point, we are not talking about the general structure of the speech that must include such points as introduction and conclusion, but about the main body itself. Never mix the ideas and provide the supportive arguments right after you introduce the ideas into the text.

Create a strong first sentence

The best way to grab the attention of your audience is to create a strong first sentence. Here, you need to tell the things that will make people listen to you till the end. The introductory sentence may be intriguing or even provoking but it must work for your speech.

Choose the right tone of voice

When writing a speech, do remember that later you will need to pronounce all the words and sentences, so the chosen tone of voice should be natural and help you reach the audience. Thus, make sure that you talk to your listeners in a proper way that corresponds to the chosen style and the situation.

Tell the truth

One of your main tasks is to sound persuasive. Thus, if you lie, your audience will notice it and it won’t be interesting for them to listen to you. So, tell the truth and make sure that you choose proper words, body language, and tone to convey your ideas.

Repeat your ideas (but do not be too overwhelming)

Speech writing differs from essay writing by one big thing: in a speech, you need to repeat important ideas to make sure that you reach your audience. The only thing to remember here is to tell the ideas in different words.

Emphasize the most important ideas

Your audience may not understand what ideas are the most important in your speech. If you want to make sure that everyone understands everything in a perfect way, make emphasis on the ideas that you want to distinguish among the rest.

Be brief

In speech writing, you should never speak too much. The audience is not ready to listen to the speaker for a long time. Thus, you need to make sure that your speech is long enough to reach your audience but you still are not too annoying.

The last words are important

The audience will remember your last words. Make them strong.

Speech writing is what you need to try to make sure that you can really talk to people and reach their minds and hearts with your words. Keep in mind these 10 strategies and you will definitely create a speech that won’t leave your audience indifferent. Good luck with your speech!


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