10 Secrets to Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger

10 Secrets to Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger

Sep 25, 2017, 5:32:35 PM Life and Styles

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Are you blogging for a living? Of course, several people would want to write as they travel. It's fun, and you also get to complete various tasks. Sadly, few people cannot achieve this dream. The narrative is the same for all individuals. They say that there’s just too much to do, reduce website traffic, and eventually, the entire venture collapses immediately. However, your blog does not necessarily have to fall into the abyss of unforgotten blogs. Here, we’ll discuss ten secrets that would easily transform your blog into a successful business venture.


Write different articles

You’ll find different articles informing you on how to grow your blog overnight and make millions of cash. Sorry, all this is false, and most of them come with attached conditions. For your blog to succeed, you’ll have to go the extra mile and make it a reality. Of course, it will take time. But that’s okay as everything which is built over an extended period lasts longer!

Have A Fixed Time!

Have enough time for blogging

Travelling is the central part of writing a travel blog. So, ensure that you’re fully committed to doing various activities that create interesting stories. Also, you need to write frequently and always. Don’t post for almost three days and then disappear for close to two months. Make time for your site daily to keep your audience hooked to the amazing content you provide.

Have Highly Captivating Content

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Even though a streamlined and polished website is still relevant, it does not mean that you need to have shiny or flashy templates. If you have excellent content, then all your blog customization features do not matter. Similarly, if your writing is dull, or redundant, you’ll receive little to no traffic. So, write persuasive essay topics which excite people! How do you achieve this? First, you should start by finding out what excites. Content that is fresh with pleasant voice attracts many faithful followers.

Learn the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your content to get more views!

SEO is one of the essential factors that lead to blogging success. Although search engine mechanisms do not involve many issues, you can still learn more about it by going through different online resources or by attending related classes. Besides, there are plenty of experts that can quickly guide you and help you get acquainted with the entire process.

Guest Blogging!

Get ready to start guest blogging

Building a good online reputation is essential. One of the best ways is by writing attractive topics for other people’s websites. Also, let them write for you. One of the friendliest places is blogosphere, and your readers love to get a new voice from time to time. If you can come up with compelling content for different people, then you stand a greater chance of gaining the admiration of different readers.

Do Not Limit Yourself

Try everything!

No one said that you have to only write for yourself. Write travel blogs by writing by writing guest posts as previously mentioned. There are several freelancing online platforms where you start a mini writing business and move on to build a comprehensive professional portfolio. They are different, and all you have to do is get the one which suits you best.

Become an Affiliate Blogger

Several bloggers supplement their blogging habits by adding related links to their blogs. Can you earn money overnight through such a method? Well, yes, but you need to exercise lots of caution. However, there are still a good number of people who make sufficient cash by using affiliate links. You can give it a shot!


Make Sure You’ve Sold Something

Looking for different products to sell online

Find something interesting and with sufficient demand which you can sell on your website. For instance, make a Cafe Press site filled with funny catch phrases from your blog. Similarly, you may even decide to write a novel and include your different travel adventures. The most important thing is to find something wacky and new, for example, camera bags or exploring the life of the intriguing panda bears.


Are you making full use of social media? Sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the most popular websites in use today. They are 100% necessary if you want your blog to grow and gain enough traffic. They go beyond your small circle of friends and reach different people from across the world.

Have a Facebook page on your site and update it each day with topics touching on your website. You may also connect your Instagram to your blog’s Facebook platform, add several photos and pin each to every post. You should never underestimate the benefits the pin brings as most professional bloggers have grown their sites through this method.

Create an Email List

Having an email user list is one of the key factors that your travel blog should always have. Some say that it’s even more important than using social media. The people who sign up to the email list are your real fans and loyal readers. The main reason behind this is because emailing is a more personal online experience. Also, it performs better than several other social media websites at attracting more readers to your blog.


Above are some the key issues you need to observe for you to become a successful travel blogger or paper writer. They are quick, efficient and highly effective. You need not struggle, just use these secrets, and you’ll be on the right track!

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