Core Tips for Core Paddle Boarding

Core Tips for Core Paddle Boarding

Jan 31, 2021, 8:14:21 PM Life and Styles

Most common beginner mistake when paddle boarding is using the arms only when taking strokes. The downside to this is that you only move the water and not the board, which drags it and creates inefficient strokes

Using the core when paddling translates to very efficient strokes with less power expenditure. Let's go over a few things on how to use the core when paddling

Properly Hold the Paddle

Place the top hand on the T grip and the other one on the shaft. Place the paddle on top of your head. Check the hand that is on top of the paddle, with the elbows angle at not less than ninety degrees. Look to the other hand and slide it up the shaft until the elbow is less than 90 degrees.

Holding the stand up paddle this way ensures wide enough separation of the hands, which allows for the core's use, thus transferring the stroke's energy from the core to the paddle, feet, and eventually to the board. This helps propel the paddle board forward.

Engaging the core this way creates powerful and effective strokes making the board move faster.

Engaging the Core in Basic Strokes

The basic strokes you can engage the core when paddling are:

  • Reverse sweep
  • Forward sweep
  • Forward stroke

Reverse Sweep

This is a basic stopping stroke. To achieve this, you need to bend the knees slightly and begin rotating towards the tail. Immerse the paddle completely into the water, unwind from the core, turn the feet in the paddle's direction. When the paddle emerges from the water, you will have taken a successful reverse stroke.

Forward Sweep

Forward sweep is turning while still in motion. To utilize the core in the forward sweep, bend the knees a little more and begin rotating your body. Plant the paddle in the water so that the blade is completely immersed. Unwind from the core to allow the feet to turn away from the paddle.

Forward Stroke

Assume a natural stance with the arms straight so as to use the core. With the blade totally planted in the water, start pushing down with your hand, and this will result in a forward stroke.


Your paddling will be much easier when you start engaging the core when taking the strokes. Use the core always to move the paddle board, and not just the arms. This will greatly boost your paddling performance.


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