Mern Stack Development – The Perfect Platform for Startups

The Web Development and App development industry has gone far level ahead as what it was previously present. Web App development mainly provides a huge range of unique and creative web designs to work on. They are all built by utilizing tech stack consisting of robust and scalable technologies that can rule in the web development industry nowadays. 

If you want to ensure fast web development and high-level efficiency for your business, you have to choose the right tech stack to deliver an inevitable web experience to the users. 

What do you mean by Mern Stack?

Mern Stack is a collection of powerful and robust technologies which is used to develop scalable master web applications, back-end, comprising front-end and database components. It is basically a technology stack which is built on the user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework to create dynamic applications and websites. This is the reason why it is now the most preferred platform by mern stack developer for startup companies.

The set of incredible technologies include Express, Mongo DB, Node.js and React JS.

Express: Express JD is a modular and lightweight framework of the Node JS that will help in building web applications. This is a server-side, back-end, JavaScript based framework which has been designed to write fast, simplified and secure applications.

MongoDB: MongoDB is an open source NoSql DBMS cross platform. It is document oriented database where data has been saved by using the documents and collections. MongoDB stores the data in binary JSON format that permits the fast exchange of data between client and server. It is also used as storage of large volumes of data to make it highly scalable. 

Node.js: Node.JS is a cross-platform open-source technology with a JavaScript runtime environment. It has been designed to run the JavaScript code outside the browser on the server-side.

React JS: It is an open-source JavaScript library to build user interfaces mainly for single-page applications. It provides the facility of the code reusability on several platforms.

Advantages of Mern Stack:

  • Mern Stack contains the entire web development process starting from front-end development to back-end development.
  • Mern is thinking as a cost-effective stack with open-source support which can ultimately reduce learning time and have the lowest development cost. 
  • It facilitates the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture which will make the Web development methods to work smoothly.
  • The four robust technologies are realistic enough to develop full-fledged software.
  • The four technologies offer smooth integration with cloud platforms.
  • Mern Developers only need to become proficient in JSON and JavaScript with the JavaScript stack.
  • Mern framework helps to build scalable and flexible websites.
  • The framework is coming up with a pre-built wide range of suitable testing tools.

Why Mern Developers are important for Startups?

  • The entire web development process starting from front end to backend development by using JavaScript comes under this.
  • Mern Developers only have to become expert in JSON and JavaScript.
  • It will make everything easy with the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture to make the process flow smoothly.
  • Open source framework and supported by great community. 
  • Facilitates with pre-built testing tools.

Why Startups Companies Choose MERN Stack for Development?

Each component of the MERN Stack has some unique and useful features to offer which can directly affects the Startup agile development methods.

Strong Community: MERN has built a strong community behind it because of the JavaScript. As a Startup owner, you can able to access tons of resources of MERN components. 

MVC Architecture Setup: As MERN supports Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, it will make it easy for the developers to develop workflow.

Full Stack: MERN provides a full stack development stage to lead the end-to-end development process. With this, the Startups need not to think about the technologies as they can get everything within the stack itself.

Open Source: All the different components of MERN Stack are open source, so you don’t have to be concerned about licensing problems with MERN.

Low Learning Graph: It is easy to learn and implement. If the developer is already familiar with JavaScript, then it is learning MERN is easier for them.

Testing Tools: MERN has its own set of testing tools. So, it is easy for Mern Stack Developers to test the software with the testing tools provided within the framework. 

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