Top 10 C# Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 C# Interview Questions and Answers

C# is a modern, simple yet general-purpose Object-oriented programming language that has been developed by Microsoft and runs on its .NET Framework. This multi-paradigm language is versatile and the C# learning path is also easy that can be used to perform a huge range of works and objectives to spread over a variety of professions.  Primarily, C# was used on the .NET Framework; however, it can be applied to an open-source platform. 

Here, we will discuss the top 10 interview type questions and answers on C#:

What is C#?

C# is a typed safe, object-oriented, and managed language which is compiled by the .NET Framework and was developed by Microsoft in the year 2000. The ideas behind creating C# language is that it can be used in the development of all kinds of software aiming at various platforms like Mobile, Web, Windows by using only one programming language. At the resent day, it is one of the most famous programming languages across the world with millions of C# developers are using this language to build all types of software.

List down the features of the C# language?

It can use Constructors and Destructors

Object-Oriented and general-purpose

Easy to grasp

Part of .NET Framework

Structured Language

Platform independent for compilation

Why we should use C# Language?

There are so many reasons for the usage of C# language as a programming platform. Some of them are given below:

Component oriented language

Easy to pickup

Produces readable and efficient programs

Follows as a structured approach

Passing parameters is easy

Once written, then can be compiled n different platforms

Tell us the different types of comments in C#?

Single line comments: //hello, this is a single line comment

Multiline comments: 

  1. /* Hello this is a multiline comment 
  2. Last line of comment*/

XML comments: ///Hello this is XML comment

What is the Access Modifiers available n C#?

Given below are the access modifiers used for general purpose:

Public: When any method or attribute are defined as public, then it can be accessed from any part of code

Protected: When a user will define an attribute or method as protected then it can only be accessed within that class and the one inheriting the class

Private: A private method or attribute can be accessed within the class only.

Internal: An internal method or attribute can be accessed from that class at the present assembly position.

Protected Internal: The access of this kind of method or attribute is restricted to classes within the present project assembly or on different types which are only defined by that class.

What is the process of Code Compilation in C#?

It has four steps as mentioned below:

  1. Compilation of Course Code into the Managed Code
  2. Now Clubbing the newly generated code into Assembly
  3. Loading of Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  4. Execution of Assembly with the help of the CLR

Name different IDE’s that are provided by Microsoft for C# Development?

  • Visual Studio (VS)
  • Visual Studio Express (VSE)
  • Visual Web Developer
  • Browse
  • MonoDevelop

Explain the difference between the Finally and Finalize block?

Finally, Block is called after the execution of catch and tries blocks. It is used to handle exceptions whether or not the exception has been caught this block of code to get executed. Basically, such a block of code has a cleaner code.

Finally, the method is called just before the garbage collection. The man's aim is to perform a cleanup operation for any unmanaged code and it will automatically invoke when an instance is not being called.

What is a Managed and Unmanaged Code?

Managed Code can be executed by Common Language Runtime (CLR) which means all the application code is dependent on the .NET platform which is considered as overseen in view of them. 

Unmanaged Code is any code that can be executed by runtime application of some different structure from the .NET Platform. The runtime application may deal with security, money, and other execution activities.

What are the advantages of C#?

  1. There are several advantages of C# that industries from different parts of the world are engaging in this field and famous institutions have already started training of not only offline but also C# online course by their experts. Some of the common advantages are:
  • It is easy to learn
  • The syntax is easy to grab
  • Object-Oriented Language
  • Part of .NET Framework
  • Component Oriented

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