Top 6 AJW Surfboards You Should Try | South Swell Surf Shop

Top 6 AJW Surfboards You Should Try | South Swell Surf Shop

Sep 27, 2021, 2:37:53 AM Sport

Founded with the mindset of building high-quality performance surfboards… AJW Surfboards have developed a reputation for continually producing quality and reliable Surfboards.

Find here the topmost AJW Surfboards included in our surfboard list… Serving all over Emerald Isle, North Carolina.


Basically – this design originated from “STAB” magazines very 1st airshow at the WACO wave pool… They invited all the Best ‘Aerial’ surfers from around the World to showcase who could land the Craziest maneuver on a Surfboard…


1 of those invitees was Matt Meola of Maui, Hawaii. At the time we had never met nor shaped him a board… yet he ordered 3 boards as he was going to test a batch of different shapers boards at the pool prior to the event. HIS only requests: NEEDS to GO FAST + Extra POP, while hopefully stable enough to recover smoothly.


What we came up w/was a 5’5″ slightly flatter semi fuller nose for a shortboard was a twist of our Xstump. increased the volume on the front foot for stability and dropped the tail rocker more similar to a fish rocker below 2″… added soft forgiving rails combined w/ deeper concaves…


VERY 1st session attempting board Matt landed what some are calling one of the craziest airs to date doing a full backside ‘McTwist FLIP’ later Nominated for




Classic “Twin” w/ a slightly pulled-in tail + a dash of extra belly rocker to be ridden more critical than your standard, older keel finfishes.



We are VERY excited about this board! If you liked the PL2 for average waves… this is the stepdown from that… GEARED SPECIFICALLY for knee-high waves… It Will work up to chest high, as well as some barrels… but compared to the other Potato Launchers this is a unique board in its own right… More of a fish/ AIR board for tiny surf… Not as versatile once the waves get larger. It has the most hidden foam of any design we offer. VERY full rails w/ an EXTREME STEP rail in the tail of the board creating a very small rail line w/ a very full tail… Allowing it to FLY in the tiniest waves!!! One of the fastest small wave boards we’ve ever made… So fun in gutless surf!!!



High-Performance all-rounder! Features a slightly flatter tail rocker than some of our other performance boards

which gives it immediate Speed/ Drive on the takeoff which out have to generate down the line speed… Do the flatter tail curve, we moved the wide point back+ tucked the rail slightly further?

back onto the rail which gives a very forgiving rail transition… Easy to maneuver and switch rail to rail quite smoothly.

The overall feedback is Fast and easy to carve crisp fast turns maintaining speed thru the whole wave. A great 4ft- 6ft beach break board top to bottom style surfing.



This is still our bestselling design!!! A guaranteed safe a fun board for everyone!!! wide enough for everyday mush waves… yet still has the rocker curves and fin placement as the Original Potato Launcher and can still sideslip into some throaty barrels… the proof is in the pudding. It’s amazing how many happy customers have reordered this design year after year! We appreciate all the feedback!



Designed for those small days when you just want to get wet. There is nothing Retro about this Full Nose Fish. For a squatty board, it is actually quite rippable w/ a modern-day rail line. A must for every complete quiver! Go short Wide!! Optional 5fin setup. Originally this design was offered with No wing, however, we’ve had many requests and preferred to shaping in the added single wing in the outline for some extra responsiveness… It does come with a WING now, however, if one requests we can still shape it without a wing if one wants that extra shorter squattier fish.


We’ve added a touch of hidden foam for extra paddle power and just a FUN all-around Fish for all conditions… Whenever you’re in a rut in surfing… just order a fish guaranteed to get you stoked on enjoying the ocean again!

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