Difference between petrol and diesel engine

We all know that diesel engines are lower revving and more fuel-efficient than petrol engines but do you know exactly how and why they're different. If not then let this blog be your ultimate guide to "The differences between petrol and diesel engines"

Petrol aka gasoline and diesel engines operate (read here working of IC Engine) on the same four-stroke cycle, this starts with the intake stroke with a piston descends sucking air into the cylinder through open-air intake valves. As fuel is injected this is followed by the compression stroke where the valves closed and the piston goes back up the cylinder to compress the air & fuel mixture. The third step is the power stroke where the mixture is ignited to force the piston back down the cylinder and then the final exhaust stroke occurs, where the ignited fuel and air mixture is pushed back out of the cylinder by the piston through the exhaust valves.

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