The Beauty of Nothing

“Be still, and know that I am God!

    I will be honored by every nation.

    I will be honored throughout the world.”

Psalm 46:10

Is it fair to say that our culture is an action-oriented one? We want things. We want relationships. And more often than not, our culture dictates that we have to do something about it.

Recently, I had a conversation about romantic relationships. In short, I may or may not be interested in somebody and was trying to figure out what to do. One person whom I talked to told me, “If you like somebody, you can’t just do nothing about it.” For the record, this issue had been stressing me out for days. I guess I am just a very emotional guy.

But I found peace minutes after the said conversation took place. No, my friend telling me to go do something about it was not where the peace found its source. It was worship. It was God reminding me that He is in control. It was the Holy Spirit telling me in my heart exactly what to do: nothing.

But wait, that is the exact opposite of what your friend, and arguably the world, just told you.


What if being still is the posture that trusting God entails? What if we trust God so much that we trust Him to do everything for us without us having to do anything? Does that not give you peace, knowing that God has got everything taken care of for us? If you think about it, salvation was never the result of our deeds or works anyway – it was solely God sending His Son, becoming sin, and dying for us. It was all God.

Of course, my argument begs the following question: Does that mean we can just sleep all day and God will provide us with what we need? In short, no. If you look back to the beginning of creation, you will find that even in the sinless and beautiful garden of Eden, Adam had a responsibility. Genesis 2:15 NLT says, “The LORD God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.”

So where do we draw the line?

That question can be answered by focusing on the second part of Psalm 46:10. God says that He will be honored. In fact, He emphasizes that point by saying it twice. This means that worrying about doing things that glorify anybody or anything other than God is an unwise use of our time. Furthermore, worrying about such things more often than not lead to unnecessary anxiety that hinders us from fully enjoying our life and walk with God.

OK, let me give you an illustration using my relationship story to make this concept easier to understand. Let me preface this by saying that I believe that my God is an all-knowing God that had foreknown my destiny even before He created me, thus He knows all the details of my life in the past, present, and future. This means that He knows who the right woman for me in this lifetime is. My wanting a relationship with the unnamed woman in the story is based on my desires. In other words, it is for my glory, gain, and satisfaction. In the setting and context that I was in, getting together with her would have required my effort. It is trying to make sure that I take all the right steps for my satisfaction that causes the great anxiety and turmoil in my heart. Had I decided to do something about it by say, asking her out, I would have shifted the focus of my mind and my life from God to me; from the exaltation of Him to the exaltation of me.

In this particular instance, doing nothing results in peace because it proves my trust in God and His ability to do what He knows is best and open the right doors that will lead to the right person for me. Or to say it simply, I am letting it happen naturally. Furthermore, this makes sense because then I am letting Him grant me things and people that will help me glorify Him.

So let’s say you need a job. I am not saying you should simply stop looking and spend your days playing video games and eating Doritos. I am saying that you should listen to God in terms of where and what position He wants you to apply for according what He has placed in your heart, and He will open doors at the right time: His time. He knows where you will succeed and He knows where you can minister the people you will come across and work with.

So take some time to reflect and look at the areas in your life about which you would like and need to stop worrying. Let God take care of you. Let God take over your life and your days. Let God guide you in your steps. Let God be glorified.


Love you!

Published by Spencer Lestiadi


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