My Blog, My Rules!

My Blog, My Rules!

Jul 30, 2016, 3:47:56 PM Life and Styles

Some people believe in Science, while some people believe in faith and religion. I believe in both and I believe in neither. I believe in Belief. Its beautiful when you can believe in something. It gives you strength and happiness. For me, that’s food! Food is a combination of science and emotion. Its just as much about your feelings as it is about your technique. It’s a blend of everything around and within you.

To be in this increasing competitive and high pressure industry, you need to be passionate and zealous. More than anything you need to believe; in yourself, in your abilities, in your passion and in your determination.

This blog is taking a different shape than I had imagined. I have been approached by multiple restaurants and cafe’s for specially curated menu reviews and apps for promotions. Till now, I have simply declined all such opportunities {whether paid or unpaid} for a simple reason, I feel it compromises the integrity of my blog. Multiple bloggers just like me have faced a similar dilemma and gone either of two ways — earning through promotions or simply declining every thing that comes their way. Im not saying sponsored promotions is a bad thing! Not even close. Its just my personal opinion that if I review a “specially curated menu” then it’s not truly a “review”. Reasons – Any of my readers {I know I don’t have a huge following but every person , even if its one is extremely important to me} visiting that restaurant would not have a similar experience, food or service wise. Also, personally knowing the people behind the restaurant would in some way or another take away objectivity. If I know the story behind it {given to me personally} then I ought to feel a little more softer towards it.

Anyone reading my reviews would know I do complete and thorough research about the restaurant and if it’s a chain, about the business, but that is very objective because I haven’t been dictated that in person. However, I am missing out on multiple growing opportunities because of the same.

Thus, I came up with a simple solution. Creating a new category on my blog – BloggersTable ! These would not be reviews, these would not be done for random restaurants. I will carefully choose which “special invites” to accept and which to decline considering multiple factors. I would disclose the same to the restaurant before accepting the invite. These articles would just be written to give an insight into different cuisines, dishes and personally learn more about food. Again, these would not be reviews for the restaurant. I might visit it again (anonymously) to write a review for the same. In no way do I want to compromise the trust of anyone reading my articles and feel like I only covered the good things because I got a “free meal”. That would not be the case. I would be making a clear distinction between Reviews and BloggersTable. I would not be doing any paid promotions for apps or restaurants, until I decide otherwise and disclose the same.

I aspire to be a food writer and critic. To travel the world and describe my food journey through words and more. Hence, it’s extremely important to me that I maintain the faith of my readers and anyone else who might be reviewing my blog. {I am looking for a job in this industry after all}.

It’s my blog and my rules!

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Published by Srishty Khullar

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