What I don't like about relationships

What I don't like about relationships

Sep 13, 2016, 7:21:48 PM Creative

Be it any kind of relation- with your siblings, your friends, your parents or with your significant other. What could possibly be bad about relationships? There's caring, trust, love, and love is life, ain't it? Here's what I think.

Now to answer my own question, no there's nothing bad about a relationship.  What I don't like is when it ends.

You and your friend, a friend you were really close with, you pass each other in the hallway and maybe smile, maybe stop to talk or just walk along with your new friends. And I think that's how it stops, you just pretend they are not there. Not friends, not enemies, just strangers with history.

The same thing with breakups, you know they are there, And you know that person by heart but you just pretend he/she is not there.

One thing I have learned from life is that it goes on.

Here's the ugly truth- as you grow up, you are gonna lose connections with your old friends, maybe not lose, but it is gonna lessen, and not remain the same.

When was the last time you talked to your childhood friend or your friend who got transferred 3 years ago?

In some way, I think life is that life is change, you make friends, laugh and cry with them, then you have to move on, do your work , make new friends, live life.

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