My soul detox journey – Day One

My soul detox journey

My soul detox journey – Day One

Sep 18, 2016, 2:00:54 PM Religion

I recently realised that I urgently need a detox. Detox of my body and soul. That is why I decided to call my coming holiday my soul detox journey.

I was feeling my whole being was clogged with unexplained anger and anxiety and my body needed some space within itself, so that it can breathe and feel happy

I will spend my holiday at the place I was born. Place with beautiful sceneries and with nights deprived of siren noises and screams , typical for the city I am living at.

On the way to my home town I passed a monastery. It is the second biggest one in Bulgaria and was built in 1083. People are also telling stories of miracle healings which happened here. So I decided that it will be a good starting point of my journey.

I used to go to church often before the life in the big cities being able to teach me how to stop believe the things I can not see and start worship the ones I can. But I still remember  how my whole energy changed after I spent even 15 minutes in church. I was even feeling a bit cleaner in a sense.

So I entered the monastery with some hopes that I would be able to connect myself to that special energy here and take a miniscule particle of that energy with me.

The images looked as if they will never fade, so bright that one would really think they were painted with energy not with paint.

I saw a monk hidden behind a column while  listening to a confession. There was a murmuring audible coming from behind the column but I was  able to catch a glimpse  of their faces, the confessor looked somehow relieved.

The monastery  is  located in the heart of the mountain, among a lot of green coming from the trees and a lot of blue coming from the sky.

I took a part of that place with me , so that I always have my own sanctuary in my mind’s eye