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I have always written stories. As a child, most of my memories are of writing; getting the confused and hormonal feelings out. As an adult, I still compose stories. Most of them are in my head but sometimes, when I have a free moment, I put things down on paper.


I am the oldest of three. My sister is a conservational  biologist for a large cooperation in Florida. I hope that it leads her to where she wants to be. My brother graduated from college this summer; mathematics major with honors. He is currently looking for career options to pursue. My father passed suddenly Christmas Eve 2012. My mother has since retired, though with rental homes and three adult children she is still very busy. I spent many years wandering around and finally fell into a career in law enforcement. I currently am a Federal Law Enforcement Officer which sound much cooler than it really is. I spend most of my days behind a computer desk.


My passion is traveling. I love going everywhere and anywhere. In my travels I have been able to extend my family to include an adopted family in Washington. My second mom was wonderful to have when I was so far away from my bio mom. Second mom is very tenacious and is very encouraging. Mostly get of your rump and do it! She has a younger daughter, my not-sister, who is bright and ready to tackle the world. I have a wonderful roommate who is also from Washington but on the wet side. She and I work in the same building but not always together.


In traveling, I want to visit every place I can. I have gone to many places that most people ask me, "why there?". Why not? If you can travel do so. Go anywhere. Be open minded enough to fall in love with the culture, the architecture, the land.  This planet is small enough to be able to see every corner. I believe that the more we explore and understand other places, we will be not be afraid of our neighbors and maybe, just maybe we can live at peace.


I tend to speak my mind. I can be offensive but I am not prejudice. If you don’t like what I say the please go to a different blog instead.

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