An Unhappy Birthday To You

An Unhappy Birthday To You

My mother's birthday is coming up. To know exactly the weight behind that first sentence let me explain to you my mother. She is a loving and giving woman. Spends most of her time giving to her children; giving them a home, support, a safe place. She is also passive to the point of aggressiveness. She is childish and unwilling to make any major decisions. It is quiet frustrating to speak to a adult as you would a child. These actions has led to great distress between her and me. I do my best to look past it but as her child it is sad and demoralizing. However, she is my mother and I love her. So that brings us back to finding a present.

I sent a group text to my sister and brother. I asked what they thought would be a good idea. My brother still lives at home giving him more contact with mom. My sister lives about four hours away and recently had my mom over. I figured they would have an idea. Nope. Nothing. My brother suggested getting her a telescope. I said I would do the research and see what I could find. I thought a telescope would be a great idea. My mom is normally up late and we all enjoy watching the stars. I threw myself into researching the best type and make and model. By the way, did you know that there are three general types of telescopes? Well there are. Next time you play Jeopardy you might know an answer... question.

I spent two days online and a few phone calls later I was able to come up with an option. I contacted my siblings and gave them my idea. I was leaning toward the Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope. It is under $200 and the reviews were promising. My sister who recently moved into her own home and is working on updating and personalizing it said she didn't have a lot of funds to put toward the gift. My brother commented that we had a telescope as children and it didn't work. He wasn't sure about spending money on a lemon. After a moment of counting to ten, I pled my case that with the reviews and the research I felt this was a easy to use device. However, I was willing to take other ideas. I suggested a new computer since she is very technology crippled and keeps clicking on pop ups. Her current computer is probably so diseased that its time just for a new one. When my mom gets her millions from the Nigerian prince she can pay me back.

As of now, neither sibling has responded to my messages. So we are up in the air still. It may come down to where I just buy whatever and tell them to send me some money. How difficult does this have to be? All I want is to get a gift for my mom. This is really stressing me out more then it should. I suppose, after a glass (or more) of wine, I'll come do a decision with or with out my siblings help. I don't think it should be this difficult. Such is life!

**Update** Late last night I got a text from my siblings. The telescope is a go! Finally. :)


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