The Voice of Charity

The Voice of Charity

Aug 24, 2016, 9:58:01 AM Life and Styles

**As a general rule I don't write about Politics or Religion. However, this is a post of asking for information that I felt needed a little preamble.**

I was watching a show called Vikings. It originally aired on History Channel but I am able to receive it on Amazon prime. The last episode I watched was called Sacrifice. It was of course a very graphic episode but I got me thinking. They did sacrifices to please their gods in hopes for a better future, a better harvest. I thought about in Old Testament times where early Christians still sacrificed animals.  This was not done in hopes of bribing God into showing favor but to accept our sinful nature. After Jesus came, died, and rose we no longer needed to sacrifices to wash away our sin. While I am not overly religious I have a strong belief in God and His word. I've had the pleasure of traveling to many exotic places and experience other religions and cultural traditions. This, I feel, has only strengthen my love and awe of God.

In watching Vikings and thinking about their ancient lives I realized, I have not done anything of sacrifice lately. Perhaps to deep of a thought at 3am but it was nevertheless moving. I have become very secure in my job, finances, etc. My old worries of where my next meal might come from or if there will be enough money to pay rent is no long of consequence. I thank God that I am so secure because I know that it can all disappear very quickly. I remember the Bible saying we should give and I have not be giving anything for some time.

So my question is this: What charity or cause should I give to? Is there one less corrupt then the other? (Yes I know I am cynical.) I want to give so that my money impacts the most. I am sure all of us who gives does. Finding that charity or person that is truly using my sacrifice to the best ability is hard to find. I would like suggests please. Thank you.  

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