Dec 17, 2016, 2:14:30 PM Life and Styles

Dear Patrizia,

it's true: "only the good die young!"..I'm still stunned and can't yet believe you passed away. The other day when I tried to call you and got the bad news, my heart stopped for a few seconds , I couldn't imagine you were dead and I couldn't even imagine this happened almost 2 months ago! Yes, 2 months ago and none of our common friends, or should I call them "acquaintances", committed to inform me. What a shame! I now beg your pardon for not  being able to attend your funerals, although it was not my fault..probably it was nobody's fault...I'm simply angry for not having had the chance to hear your voice for the last time, I am angry for what happened, I am angry for the way you died, I'm angry, because life is often so unfair and, as human beings, we cannot do anything to influence it, to change God's plan! Now, you have joined his House and I want to think you are teaching the art  you loved so much to him and to the other angels , like you! One day, the latest I hope (I'm knocking woods!..aaahh, allow me last joke!), we will meet again and we will continue our relationship from where we left, arguing and joking how we were used to do..You had a very strong personality , but a big heart at the same time, the heart of a sensitive and extremely talented artist, like you were! I loved you, although I never told you and I do know that you felt the same for me..I'm torn apart, I'm crying (if you can see me from Heaven), while I'm writing this letter to you..This is my last sincere tribute to you, to a real friend, to a real artist,  to someone a "stupid" infection (is it still possible in 2016????) has taken away forever!!!

Rest in Peace, Patrizia!

Your true friend, Stefano...



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