Stages of spring

Stages of spring

May 15, 2017, 8:07:42 PM Life and Styles

Spring is here, and to celebrate it further, we look at the natural flow of spring time and what is brings to the wide world.


That charming time when spring has yet to appear...  But something in the air is like a vision of what is to come... A scent, brisk and bold, is constantly on the verge of spilling out, but the time is not yet and it never does, creating a lovely tension, a kind of magnetism that can enchant anyone, even the most hardened of souls. It is a perfect feeling for ushering the truly delightful season that follows... MontanaRosePainter amazing tumblr


Early spring is an incredible time of the year. No other period hold such promise, such potential, such a showcase of all future stages. In one drop you can see the whole world waiting to be born. The true warmth is not yet here, the cool pastel colors thrill more than make you at home, but it's aesthetic is impeccable and truly wonderful to behold. This period is like a lady, demure and proper, but with a hint of fun and curiosity underneath it's elegant exterior. pond in a glen with bridge


The plant finally had it's crowning moment, after being under the snow, so long, after gathering, seeking and nurturing, it can finally open it's petals and show it's inner shine. And what a great moment it is, when it is in full bloom, when it can seduce the bees and create new life. There is no austerity, no sharp lines, everything is flowing like a river, all movement is coquettish. This is the true feminine time of the year, flirty like no other and the hardest to resist. Hyacinth


And here it comes, the high arch of spring, the time when energy in nature is swirling as wild as any tornado, boundless, forever in motion. You can smell it in the air - it's eclectic, light as much as it is strong, and highly invigorating. Energetic spring has happened again and again for millions of years, yet seems so young, so playful like it's here for the first time. It is a time that encourages and pushed people into trying to achieve more, to take that next step out of their comfort zone. daisies...


The energy level falls down a bit, as nothing can withstand the immense intensity of energetic spring for long, but there is more polish and even a bit of mystery in the playful spring. After giving freely to all around, nature turns a bit more introspective, a good indicator of summer yet to come. Playful spring is full of surprises and at first even a bit deceptive - while it seems like the free thinking, ethereal nature's child, it has gained a maturity and responsibility for all that was created and must be maintained and nurtured. fragrance scents flowers


Right before summer, right before living becomes easy, there is late spring. As all late periods, it has the hints of its successor. We often wonder how it's possible to turn the highly strung period like spring into the calm and tranquil summertime, and we can wonder for the centuries to come, since there is no way to really describe this part of the year except that is puts together elements that would never mesh otherwise. Perky, quirky and highly unusual, you can never pin it down and should never want to - this very unpredictability is it's greatest ace. Magically, there is nothing hard and heavy about her, but she ushers a period heavier in both air and melody after she has gone. Lime-Green Euphorbia Buds

Bottom line, we should all have our very own, personal spring, a time to reinvent ourselves and go for new, interesting goals and achievements. See you soon! 

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