Unusual ideas for Valentine's Day!

Unusual ideas for Valentine's Day!

Feb 9, 2017, 3:29:47 PM Life and Styles

And now for something completely different! Valentine's Day has definitely fallen into a rut for the past few decades - after becoming a worldwide, mass "event", very consumerist, it has lost much of it's original mysticism and power. Everything seems rushed, contrived and often false. People feel like they have to buy or make something for their loved ones. Yet, with a little bit of imagination, Valentine's can turn from a mundane day to a truly special event that you'll remember for the years to come. We give you a few ideas to make this a Valentine's Day a more enthralling, unique experience!



Baths are one of those things that change from an everyday utility into a luxurious commodity with very little effort. A little bit of smelling salts, some incense sticks, candles, and you have a romantic moment par excellence! Usually, water is used as a medium to dip in - often the alternatives are less than practical - for instance, alcohol, (champagne to be exact) is too aggressive for the skin (alcohol burns), and milk, the bath of Cleopatra, gets sour pretty quickly. A fine alternative is something not many people have tried: a chocolate bath!  

Here is the recipe for a chocolate bath! It's not terribly difficult to do and it more than pays off! Add some sparkle with a special "chocolate menu" and great music!


Buying someone a perfume is a frequent enough occurrence today. The perfume industry is huge and billions of dollars are invested in ti every year, making it highly lucrative. So, it's not ALL that romantic. Yet, making a perfume for someone is a completely different matter. Mixing aromatic elements to achieve a perfect perfume blend is more than buying, it's asks for active participation, and, more demanding yet, a through understanding of the "subject". One needs to asses the person the perfume is made for, and it's a good test to see just how well lovers know each other. And it's VERY romantic!  But, a man has to start somewhere when trying to make a perfume for his darling. We can help you here: in a very basic nutshell, there are four types of perfume personalities.  



The way a girl imagines a woman she wants to become one day: elegant, composed, poised, and very feminine. These women are the very picture of propriety and gracefulness. Their manners are impeccable, grooming and carriage perfect. They make great hostesses and good wives. On the down side, they may come off as cold and aloof (but often they just need to open up a bit to the world). The scents of their choice are classical ladylike, flowery ones.
SCENTS FOR THEM:  rose, jasmine, lily, orangeflower, gardenia, violet, freesia, peony, georgywood, petalia, pimento blossom



There are types that are just "different". The offbeat woman often sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of a crowd - it's just the way she speaks, acts and moves that sets her apart. She often has an exotic or cosmopolitan air of mystery, drinks cocktails nobody ever drank, enjoys underground movies and music nobody has ever heard of, and her taste in clothes is eclectic, original, unique. They sometimes set themselves too far apart from others. Accordingly, her scents are those nobody perceived as scents just a short while ago - new, unusual, but mouthwatering.  
SCENTS FOR THEM:  grapefruit, apple, melon, honey, berries, chocolate, orange, passionfruit, citrus, caramel



Another type easy to spot. These women are vibrant, glamorous, intense, beautiful  and passionate beyond belief. They are completely at the mercy of their feelings and are prone to act in the spur of the moment. Yet, a certain purity of emotions, simplicity of and absence of any manipulative bones in their (luscious) bodies make them very loyal friends and generally positive people. Due to their flair for the dramatics, they can often be difficult to deal with, and are not the most responsible women around, but it's all part of their allure! They prefer strong scents that mirror their own inner storms!
SCENTS FOR THEM: sandalwood, musk, vanilla, mahogany, tonka bean, clove, cardamom, white pepper, rosewood, dark chocolate and patchouli



The type is very easy to recognize: they are warm, friendly, full of joy, a little zany with a vibrant, unsinkable spirit. Like a ray of sunshine, these girls can lift anybody's mood with their endless enthusiasm. Their outward appearance is wholesome, and they radiate loyalty and sincerity. They prefer the great outdoors and are more earthy types, not too mystic. They like organic, natural scents.
Some of the scents for them: lemon, mandarin, green tea, coconut, grass, herbs, seawater, dew, and lime

After finding the right type, planing which scents go where (there are three formal layers and notes of every perfume more about that on this link) - should not be a problem. In the end, one just has to find a service that mixes the scents for them or mix then yourself. And viola, we have a perfect gift!



As the strange moniker suggests, it's much like a pub crawl but for finer things - visiting several restaurants in one night. Before you think it's going to deplete your account savings, let us explain fully: combine! Pre-dinner cocktails at one place, appetizers at the other, main dish at a third and desert at a fourth restaurant! Some research is needed to achieve this the right way. The constant change of scenery, music and people serves to bring the two diners/"amores" together, separated from the outside world. That is all for Valentine's Day preparations!

See you soon! :-)

Published by Stela Zoric

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