Self Publishiing #1

Self Publishiing #1

So here I am with a fully written manuscript what do I do now?

This is something I seem to be being asked more and more often, now I'm no expert, in fact I think I've got to my second novel by the skin of my teeth. I still have trouble believing that there's books out there with my name on the cover but there is and I think its time I shared how I went about finding my way around the publishing world. There's so many pitfalls and there's no easy way around finding the right way for you but I will try and help if I can. From putting pen to paper to holding that finished book in your hands as you sign copies for people who will part with hard earned money for your work. 

Have an idea and write, really it's as  simple as that, write regularly and don't stop. I don't write at set times every day but I know other writers who work to a strict timetable, you'll find what works for you.... but.... no slacking. When your story is written go back to the beginning and go for your rewrite. I do this by writing the original story by hand in a notebook and the rewrite is done when I transfer the story to the computer. Then I do it all over again.

I use every free tool available to me, spellcheck, grammar checks, in fact anything I can get my hands on, it tends to rule out any stupid mistakes that sometimes just come from sheer tiredness. There are lots of these type of programs all over the internet so take some time to find the ones you like. I like the basic microsoft word checks and Grammarly best. Don't forget to change your settings for your language, you don't want US settings if you're writing for the UK market and vice versa spellings can be quite different. Check everything, constantly.

Now you need to decide which way you want to take your book. If you want to go down the traditional publishing route then this is where you leave this blog post because I know very little about the major publishing houses apart from you just keep submitting your work until you wear them down. 

How do you know which route you want to take? Personally after an acceptance from a publishing house I heard a couple of horror stories from other authors and decided to publish my book myself. I was only ever going to write one book (I know , I know but I got the bug!) and I wanted to give it the best chance I could as an unknown name in this sphere. So self publishing was for me because I wanted total control over what happened to the book and the latest thinking is that self published books are just as likely to be picked up by publishing houses as sending submissions out. 

#2   will cover chosing the way to self publish with help.

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Sep 6, 2016, 12:54:40 AM

I'm in your situation, with two book finished or almost. I've just sent off a submission of my memoir to a publisher, but was toying with the idea of self-publishing. My decision was based on the wish for legitimacy. However, I'm still open to the self-publishing route. Thanks for your story.

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