Self Publishing #2

Self Publishing #2

So you've got your manuscript and it's looking as good as you can get it and your mind turns to the publishing of it.

Whilst you're trying to sort this out being new to the publishing world ask a couple of your friends (the ones you can trust to be honest) and get them to read your manuscript. It's a certainty that they will flag up something you missed, remember this is a good thing.

Now get online and sort out who's help you are going to need to get your manuscript off the computer and onto paper. For the purposes of this blog I am assuming you want your book out there for the public to read. If you only want it for your friends and family you can do it for next to nothing with a lot of publishers but thats not the route I'm focusing on here.  So if you do what I did first of all I submitted my manuscript to a publishing house, wow they were interested but the wary amongst us will smell a trap. I was lucky but let's assume that it's a publishing house with a less than glowing report amongst authors. There are so many things to watch out for. I recommend you buy yourself a copy of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, I promise it will be money well spent.  So when you get accepted and then they ask you for a few thousand pounds to help you on your way.... run, really there are easier ways and nicer places to place your book. If like me you know nothing about the act of publishing then look for somewhere online that can help you not rip you off. So first look for the sites that cover what you want for your book, do you need an ISBN number? Do you want to be sold on particular sites i.e Amazon? Do you want paperback, hardback or ebooks? If you  are prepared to do a lot of the grunt work yourself then you can find some very good deals. There are sites all over the internet that will help you format your book (much easier than you could imagine - trust me). Do you need someone to design a cover for you or if you're savvy enough (I'm not) you can do it yourself, all of the details are out there for free. 

I won't give you any recommendations here as we all want different things for our books but please contact me if I can help in any way. I took three months of solid research and actually couldn't believe how much you can save by just taking some time and just shopping around. Also use social media you might like minded people who can help you. Just do not part with thousands of pounds or dollars too easily unless you are convinced that that company has the perfect package and they will do everything for you to help your book. Those sort of companies are rarer than rocking horse....... anyway you get the idea. 

So this blog is just to say decide what you need and how much of it you can do yourself, the internet is full of information .... use it, it's free. 

Published by Steph Richmond

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