Be careful what you wish for.

As a boy at school Vincent had loved the word vagabond, it conjured up images of romance, of a lone wanderer, a person who took no heed of the normal rules and travelled freely and went his own way in life. He imagined wearing a long leather coat and walking across deserts and sleeping under the stars. When his Mum asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he would always reply I want to be a vagabond and she would always tell him no that was the last thing he wanted to be. To him the idea was magical, he could travel the world and take care of the earth, he would be a modern day Robin Hood or some other legendary hero. When he had birthdays he would blow out the candles on his cakes and wish really hard to be a vagabond, sometimes with his own scruffy dog as a companion.

As he grew up he was a good student with good grades, his friends loved the way he dressed in flamboyant outfits and was never afraid to stand up for the things he believed were right, he planned everything and even had a bag packed with the things he thought he would need for his adventures as he travelled and took care of people and animals and trod carefully upon the earth.

Now he was older and knew better, he sat with his back against the shop’s wall on a piece of stolen cardboard to keep the winter chills away and a sign that read ‘Homeless, please help’ propped up against the very bag he had packed for his adventures, now he was here and luck had not been his friend, he remembered what he had wished for all of those years ago but nobody called him a vagabond. People mostly didn’t call him anything but the ones that did, called him a low life vagrant.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Published by Steph Richmond

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