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I am the woman behind writing and reading have always been my first passions in life. Even when I enrolled in college I spent years trying to find a different path. A path that my parents' would be proud of (like maybe an accountant or a nurse?) but it was too late. Words had my heart since the age of 5 and I realized there was no point in fighting it. 

Not only do I blog about my favorite past times; books and reading. I also am a huge advocate for organic eating. It wasn't until I was 16 that I was officially diagnosed with one of the worst autoimmune diseases that anyone could have. Hidradenitis stole my happiness and my life for 5 years and at 21 I had finally decided it was time to take it back. 

Fast forward a year and here I am working diligently on eating AIP. I believe food is without a doubt the medicine of the present and the future. If only we could preserve the world we live in and treat it the way it should be treated. 

To anyone reading: 

Peace, Love & Happiness 



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