Ballers on a Budget

Ballers on a Budget

Jun 21, 2016, 2:42:33 AM Life and Styles

Travelling can be an expensive hobby, but no amount of money can add up to the experiences and memories you make.
You just need to be smart when you're planning your travels as well as while travelling - whilst making sure you enjoy yourself!
I've planned my two month summer Euro Trip and have tried to plan it so it's cheap but I also enjoy every moment.

These are a few tips on how to enjoy your holiday, but also make sure you don't break the budget.
1. Book flights well in advanced. Sometimes it's great to be spontaneous on a trip, but when you're on a budget this is probably the one thing you don't want to leave to the last minute.
2. Overnight trains and buses can save you one nights accommodation. Although buses can be uncomfortable to sleep on, you can book a sleeper train.
3. When booking accommodation, try to book places that include breakfast. That way you don't pay for one meal and you can also snake some snacks
4. Hostels are cheaper and sometimes better than a hotel. If you want, you can also book private rooms. Staying at a hostel also means that you can join in on free walking tours as well as make some new friends.
5. When eating out for dinners, stay away from the main tourist hub. Ask the hostel for local recommendations.
6. When budgeting for spending money, don't budget to a tee. Things can go wrong or you might need to spend a little bit extra.
7. Do your research! Travelling with a sense of spontaneity can be great and leave you feeling free but unless you have mega bucks, it can dent your bank account. Research places you are going, free things that are going on and cheap places to go.

Just remember, just because you're making sure your holiday is done cheap and on a budget - doesn't mean you can't be a baller and still enjoy yourself.

Published by Stephanie Effendie

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