Three ¨Must¨ Do When in Guadalajara, Mexico

Three ¨Must¨ Do When in Guadalajara, Mexico

Jun 20, 2016, 2:49:30 PM Life and Styles

Recently, my boyfriend and I went to Guadalajara. We had never been, so considering that it is the second largest city in Mexico, we figured it would be worth to pay a visit.  – There are mainly three highlights from our trip that I want to share today:

1. Guadalajara´s Downtown: The ¨Centro Histórico¨ is Guadalajara´s main tourist attraction, so it was a must that we visited – and I am glad we did. Just as all Latin American cities, its downtown is completely made up of colonial buildings and plazas that tell the story of the city´s foundation and/or independence. But Guadalajara´s downtown looked somewhat special. Having visited many Latin cities, it called my attention to see so much green around. The particularly big plazas are full of trees, which besides being very convenient so visitors can catch some shadow under the sun, gives the landscape a very beautiful touch.

2. Anita Li/I Latina: As I have said in previous post, every time I go to a new city, the first thing I look for is a good restaurant. Well, Guadalajara was not the exception. We went to four restaurants, but I want to highlight one: Anita Li. What a gem! Anita Li is a fun, vivid, and colorful place that offers a variety of dishes with a mix of international and Mexican flavors. For those who visit Guadalajara and love good food, this is the place to go.

3. Tour del Tequila – Jose Cuervo: Last, but DEFINITELY not least. The tour to the Jose Cuervo factory was an awesome experience. I have to begin by saying that I almost never drink more than a glass of wine every once in a while. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge the importance of tequila to the culture of this country and of the Jose Cuervo brand in the worldwide beverages business, so I definitely wanted to go and visit. The tour first took us to the maguey plantations where the ¨rancheros¨ explained to us how to sow and harvest a maguey plant, and everything that goes on with it before they take it to the factory. After that, the tour took us to this tiny, colorful town (magic town) called Tequila. – Yes, this is where tequilas´s certificate of origin comes from. Needless to say, the town of Tequila lives out of it wonder drink, the tequila, and this is where one of the three factories of the Jose Cuervo brand is. Once here, the Jose Cuervo people gave it a tour around the factory and explained the whole process of making a tequila bottle since the moment the maguey plant arrives. Oh! And for those who like tequila, they will give you some free samples!

Well, that was my short recount of my trip. Hope it inspired you guys to want to go to Guadalajara. 

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