How to Backup Google Workspace Emails

How to Backup Google Workspace Emails

Aug 4, 2021, 4:54:41 AM Tech and Science

Google Workspace is an enterprise web email application known for its features and advanced productivity apps. It is a cloud-based application that can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. The application is quite safe and secure. However, it does not provide any backup facility to secure the emails in case of any mishappening.

In this blog, you will learn about the methods to backup Google Workspace emails using the Google Data Export tool, its limitations, and the automated tool. Also, you will learn about the possibility of using Google Takeout for taking backup.

Why there is a need to backup Google Workspace Emails?

The following are the reasons for taking the backup of Google Workspace emails:

  • There can be a case when the emails get deleted accidentally by the user
  • The malware or virus attack can corrupt the files
  • In case the server gets downtime or breakdown, you may not be able to access the mails
  • If in case the organization gets takeover by other firm, there becomes a threat to lose the data
  • When an employee leaves the organization, then you require his data for future use
  • When the synced device gets stolen

By taking the backup, the admin or user can prevent the situations from happening.

There are possibly two methods by which the backup of data can be taken. One is the manual method using Data Export Tool for admin and the other is an automated tool using Google Workspace Backup tool. In addition, there is Google Takeout tool also, however it is not a feasible option. In the upcoming sessions you will learn about the reasons for inaptness Google Takeout tool.

How to take backup of Google Workspace emails using Data Export Tool?

Every G Suite or Google Workspace with business license has an inbuilt feature called Data Export. The drawback of this tool that it can be operated only by the G Suite admin and by the individual users.The admin download and keeps the data secure for all the users.

Requirements to use the Data Export Tool       

  • Only an admin can access this tool for all its users
  • Google Workspace application needs to 30 days older in order to use this tool
  • It requires the 2 step verification process
  • The Google Workspace account should have less than 1000 users

The following are the step by step procedure for admin to take the backup using Google Data Export Tool:

  1. Sign in to your G Suite account by using the admin credentials.
  2. Once you are logged in, then open the ‘Admin Console’ and click on the arrow (<) button.
  3. You need to choose the option ‘Tools’ and then click on ‘Data Export’ tool option.
  4. A window will get opened where you need to click on ‘Start Export’ button.
  5. The export may take a longer time to complete the process. The time period may be up to 9 days to send you the confirmation link to download the exported data.
  6. Once you receive the confirmation link, you may now click on the ‘Access Archive’ button and view all the folders.
  7. Now, each folder can be opened and individual data of the users can be downloaded one by one on the local system.

Limitation of Using Data Export Tool for Google Workspace Backup

  • The tool does not gives the individual any scope to operate. Only admin has the control over the processes
  • Once the export process begins, then you cannot use the tool for at least next 30 days
  • It is quite lengthy and tedious process. It may take as long as 9 days to complete the export process. In addition, extra time is needed to download the individual user data
  • There is no option for selection of data. You can neither include or exclude the data according to your customized needs
  • You cannot mention the number of users or select the users of whom you want to take the backup

Automated Solution: Google Workspace Backup

Due to the gaps in the service of the manual method, the automated tool ‘SysTools Backup & Restore Tool' has been introduced. The automated tool helps to overcome the limitations provided by the manual method. It helps to backup G Suite emails, contacts, calendars, and drive documents to local computer.

The following are the steps involved in the Google Workspace backup:

  1. Download software and click on backup.
  2. Enter the credentials for single user or admin
  3. Choose ‘Backup type’ and ‘Select Category’
  4. Click on ‘Start’ to backup G Suite emails
  5. Finally, click on ‘OK’ button

The following are some of the key features of the automated tool:

  • It takes the complete backup of all the data including contacts, calendars, and documents
  • It helps to export the G Suite into different formats like PST, MBOX, EML & MSG quickly and safely
  • It provides the email filters along with the selection of the data that you want to export
  • It can be operated by both the individual user and the admin to backup complete data
  • The specific users can be selected and their data can be exported
  • It is fast, reliable and provides complete data integrity
  • It can run on all the latest versions of Windows operating system

In the above blog, the need for, manual and automated tool for Google Workspace backup has been discussed. It has been tested by the experts that the automated tool is more reliable, quick and gives 100% data integrity. The tool has varied features and benefits that overcome the limitations of the manual method. Therefore, the trial version of the tool can be tested and then decision can be taken accordingly.

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