How to Convert EML Files to PST Format for Outlook

How to Convert EML Files to PST Format for Outlook

Aug 19, 2021, 11:34:09 AM Tech and Science

Are you looking to convert EML files to PST format? Are you searching for methods for conversion of EML files into PST format?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page!!

EML file is an individual email message file format that stores information of a single email file. The information includes email content, sender’s name, receiver’s name, date of the message etc. The size of EML format is small as it stores the single email file.

PST refers to Personal Storage Table which is a format of Outlook data file. It stores the complete information of the mailbox. A single PST file is equivalent to hundreds of EML files. That’s why many people prefer to store their email files in PST format.

Why people are looking to convert EML files into PST format?

There are plenty of reasons for converting EML files into PST format. Some of the relevant reasons are given as below:

  • EML files are vulnerable to corruption. They can get easily corrupted as compared to other file formats. This is one of the reasons due to which people prefer to export EML files into PST format so as to prevent from corruption
  • In order to access EML files, you require to install a specific email application that supports this format. However, PST file format is accessible in any version of Outlook
  • EML stores a single email file. When the user saves the entire mailbox of EML files then it takes a lot of space. However, PST stores a number of EML files and cover minimal space

Methods to export EML files into PST format

There are majorly two methods to convert EML files into PST format:

  1. Automated Method
  2. Manual Method

Manual Method: Using Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook

The manual method is one that does not require any third-party application to execute its functions. It is specific to the user itself.

Firstly you need to import the EML files into Windows Live Mail using the following steps:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail.
  2. Select ‘File’ and choose ‘Import Messages’ from the menu.
  3. Select ‘Windows Live Mail’ from the list and then click on ‘Next’ button.
  4. Click ‘Browse’ to upload the folder containing EML files and then click on ‘Next’ button.
  5. Select the folder which you want to import and then click on ‘Next’ to perform the import.

In this manner, you can import the EML files into Windows Live Mail.

The following are the steps to convert EML files into PST format using Windows Live Mail:

  1. In Windows Live Mail, click on the ‘File’ button in the menu bar.
  2. Select the ‘Export Email’ option and then choose ‘Email Messages’.
  3. Choose ‘Microsoft Exchange’ and then click on ‘Next’.
  4. A new window will pop up which gives a message that all emails will export to Microsoft Outlook and then click on ‘OK’ button.
  5. Select the emails or complete mailbox emails and then click on ‘OK’ button.
  6. Once, ‘OK’ button has been clicked then the export process will begin. After the export process is completed then a wizard will appear where you need to click on ‘Finish’ button.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • It is complicated and difficult for naïve users
  • The manual steps are time-consuming and only the limited email files are exported
  • There is a high risk of data corruption and data loss during the export process
  • The files structure and folders hierarchy may get affected

Automated Method

EML to PST Converter - An automated, professional, trusted, and reliable tool for technical and non-technical users.

The following are the steps to convert EML files to PST using the ‘EML Converter’ tool:

  1. Install and Launch the ‘EML Converter’ tool.
  2. Choose the EML files folder from the left pane of the software window.
  3. The email file can be seen in multiple views like Normal Mail View, Hex, Properties, Message header, MIME, HTML, RTF and Attachments.
  4. You can select the particular emails and then export them by clicking on ‘Export Selected’ or right click on selected emails and click on ‘Export’ button.
  5. For Bulk Conversion, you may click on the ‘Export’ button located in the menu bar.
  6. In the ‘Export Option’ window, choose ‘PST’ format as an option and then, click on ‘Advanced Settings’.
  7. You can check on ‘PST Split Option’ and set the split option according to specific size. Whereas ‘Date Filter Option’ allows to set the date with ‘from date’ and ‘to date’. Then, click on ‘Save’ button.
  8. Browse the location where the resultant PST files can be stored.
  9. You can select ‘Make New Folder’ or choose the existing folder to save resultant PST files. Then, click on ‘OK’ button.
  10. Mark check on ‘Create PST for Each Folder’ to create PST files for each selected folders and then click on ‘Export’ button.
  11. The export process would begin now.
  12. Once the export process is completed then the message appears as 'Export process completed successfully'. Then, click on ‘OK’ button.


Final Thoughts

In this blog, a brief on EML, PST, the need to convert EML files to PST and the different methods have been explained. There are two methods – Manual Method and Automated Method. The manual method is not suitable due to certain limitations whereas automated method ‘EML Converter’ provides flawless results with complete data export into PST format. This can further be imported into Outlook using Import/Export Wizard.


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