How to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

How to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

Oct 27, 2021, 12:47:36 PM Tech and Science

In this article we would discuss:

  1. What are EML and PDF file formats?
  2. Benefits of PDF format
  3. Need to convert EML file to PDF format.
  4. User queries
  5. Manual method
  6. Professional method.

EML file:

EML is a file (electronic mail) used to send and receive emails from one client to another and is designed by Microsoft. Many email clients support this file extension and users can easily extract EML files from multiple email clients like Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.

PDF Documents:

Adobe designed Portable document format (PDF). It is a portable file format used as a document. This PDF document file maintains the body format and can be opened on any device. PDF files contain images, attachments, text, and other objects.

Benefits of PDF File Format:

  1. You can open a PDF file on any device either it's your mobile phone or mac, laptop, or any windows os without any email application.
  2. Can be used as evidence or proof in digital forensic investigations.

Why do we need to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments? 

  1. Extract email messages as the EML files directly in case you want to change/uninstall your email client from one to another, then convert EML files to PDF file format as a backup.
  2. You can not open EML files without an Email application and that's the reason to convert EML to PDF file format with attachments. Because sometimes users only have EML files so, viewing and editing their conversion is mandatory.
  3. Both sender and receiver can edit and view PDF file formats. In case some users don’t use any Email client. 


Method 1: Convert EML Files to PDF for Free

The steps to convert your mail messages directly in PDF through various email clients are provided in the upcoming section of the blog.

There are 2 ways to convert EML to PDF:

  1. Import your EML files in an email client
  2. Convert imported files to PDF documents

The steps to do so are described below.

Step 1: Import your EML files in an email client

We will be using Mozilla Thunderbird for this since it's a free email client.

  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird >> Add your Email ID, user name, Password
  • Click on the Continue button, then hit the Done button.
  • Now create a New folder (go to the left side panel on Local folder >> Right-click >>New folder)
  • Go to your EML file location and select them >> Drag and drop into the new folder of Thunderbird.

Now you can view your EML files in Thunderbird and convert them as PDF format below.

Step 2: Convert Imported Emails to PDF documents

 You can choose to convert one email at a time or export multiple EML messages at once.

For converting one email:

  • Open your Thunderbird email client >> then, email message >> Open mail message
  •  More (top of the right-hand side) >> click on Print.
  • Click on Microsoft Print to PDF to view other options and select Save to PDF >> and Save.

For exporting multiple messages:

Use ImportExportTools NG Add-on

  • Press the Alt key, click on the Tools menu, and select Add-ons and Themes.
  • Search for “ImportExportTools” in the search bar and proceed to install the ImportExportTools NG addon from the provided list.
  • Now, restart Thunderbird.
  • Click on folder containing EML files >> ImportExportTools NG >> Export all messages in the folder
  • Click on PDF format.
  • Select a folder to save the files on your system.

The drawback of using these manual methods:

You can not export attachments with EML files while converting them into PDF files. So, if attachments are not that useful to you, you can use these manual methods and convert EML to PDF files

Method 2: Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

For many, there is no point in saving emails in PDF if attachments are discarded. So either you forget about your attached files or convert them with the help of a reliable tool. You can use EML to PST converter as it is a trusted and error-free solution.

Other than PST, it also supports exporting messages in PDF, EML, MSG, NSF, and HTML. The best point is that it “keeps the attachments intact”.

  1. Download EML to PDF converter on your system
  2. Click on the folder in which you have EML files,
  3. EML file >> Export >> hit on PDF export as .pdf file
  4. Press on Browse for location >> Export

As you can see, the converter is simple and easy to use. You can have an Export report after converting EML files into PDF format which can be used for future references of your conversion.  

Benefits of Using this application:

  1. View EML files with multiple Preview modes (HTML, MIME, HEX, Attachments, RTF, etc, details.)
  2. You can use a free demo of the software to convert 10 items per folder to PDF.
  3. Automatically scan your EML files on your system.
  4. The software gives you different options to convert EML files like:
  • Conversion in different file formats HTML, MSG, PST, MBOX, etc.
  • General settings, Page layout, and Bates number for PDF (during export in PDF files).
  1. Message header, folder hierarchy maintained while converting EML to PDF file with attachments.
  2. Convert bulk EML files to PDF format.


You can totally rely on the manual methods and convert either single or bulk EML files into PDF format. However, you must say goodbye to your attachments if you go for them. That’s why we introduced a smart solution that can easily convert your EML files with attachments to PDF documents. It's an easy-to-use and reliable tool known for its high performance.

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