How to Convert Google Workspace Emails to PST

How to Convert Google Workspace Emails to PST

May 28, 2021, 6:10:00 PM Tech and Science

Since the introduction of the cloud, large numbers of users and departments have poured into cloud services from on-premises applications. You can even use platforms like Google Workspace and Office 365 to manage email in the cloud. However, the demands on the connection between Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook have increased. This connection allows users to use Google Workspace data in the Microsoft Outlook email application. Therefore, here we will explore how to export Google Workspace emails to Outlook based on user requirements.

Basically, one of the applications of MS Office Suite is Outlook which is a well-known Wo email client. The peculiarity of Outlook is that we can access it offline!

Most companies plan to use MS Outlook for business purposes, email sharing, etc. Therefore, Outlook has become a milestone in achieving this goal. The question now is how to export Google Workspace emails to Outlook?

Ways to manually export Google Workspace emails to Outlook

There are several ways to do this. To better understand which method to use to export Google Workspace emails to Outlook, read the following:

Manual Method I - To export Google Workspace account to Outlook so that it can be used on Gmail and Outlook at the same time, you can use the first method. It sets up the accounts in the Outlook application and allows you to synchronize data between them.

Manual Method II - For users who have exported Google Workspace data via Takeout and want to export this email data to Outlook, the second method is the best.

Advanced Method - For users who want to export Google Workspace data and access it in Outlook. This method is also the recommended method for backing up Google Workspace email.

Now, it's clear what these three solutions can fix, so let's keep introducing these methods in detail.

Method 1. Export Google Workspace mail to Outlook

Install and run Outlook

Do the following to set up an Outlook account with a Google Workspace account:

  1. Start Outlook, click "Tools >>", then click "Account Settings"
  2. On the email tab, select New
  3. To select an email service, select the following: IMAP >> Next.
  4. Enter your details: name, email ID, password.
  5. For the Gmail ID: Enter
  6. For the Google Workspace ID:
  7. Check the box "Manually configure server settings or other server types" >> Internet E-mail
  8. In "Settings": enter your name and email address
  9. Select "IMAP" from the "Account Type" section.
  10. Incoming server name:
  11. Outgoing server name (SMTP):
  12. Provide your full Gmail address in the "Username" field.
  13. Click on "Next".
  14. Go to Tools >> Select Options >> Select Mail Settings.
  15. Internal Email Account >> click Email Accounts.
  16. Select the account you want to create >> click "Edit"
  17. Press More Settings >> Advanced Tab
  18. Incoming to server 993, using SSL / TLS encryption.
  19. Outgoing server-465 with SSL / TLS encryption.
  20. Now, select the "Outgoing server" tab, select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication", then select "Use the same settings as the incoming mail server"
  21. Press OK >> Next >> Finish >> Close >> OK

After completing the above setup, you can easily access the exported Google Workspace email in Outlook.

If that doesn't work, try enabling "less secure apps" in the Google Workspace mail authentication menu or generate and use a password for Outlook.

Method 2: Use Google Takeaway

Google Takeout helps move data out of Google Workspace. It is easy to use and intuitive, so any user can run it.

Note: Google Takeout generates only MBOX files and Outlook does not support these files. Third party applications are required to convert these files into PST. If you haven't used this method yet, choose from other methods to export Google Workspace emails to Outlook.

Users need to follow the steps below to use this utility:

  • Log in to your Google Workspace account.
  • Go to My Account >> Choose Personal Information & Security >> Choose Create Archive
  • Select the data items to include in the archive file >> click Next
  • Select the file type (.zip) and the maximum file size
  • Select the option to email the download link >> Click Create Archive
  • After the archive is complete, download and unzip the Zip file

Disadvantages of the manual method

The manual method is free, but not easy. These also have some drawbacks. Please do the manual method carefully in order, otherwise it may cause serious malfunction.

The manual method takes a long time. Moving data isn't that easy, because synchronization is a time-consuming process.

When performing manual steps, there is always a possibility of data corruption.

Advanced solution: Easily export Google Workspace emails to Outlook

The first method used to synchronize the Google Workspace account with Outlook. However, this solution moves Google Workspace mailbox items to Outlook by converting them directly to PST files.

As another best solution for Google Workspace data and email migration, users can use the Google Workspace backup tool. It is a safe, reliable, and fast solution for instant data backup. All you need to access the emails in Outlook is to export the emails in PST file format.

As a tip, use the free version of the tool before using the full version.

  1. Install the software and Select G Suite and Outlook option.
  2. Scroll down and choose the category of data to export.
  3. Then, enter the admin id of Google Workspace and validate other permissions.
  4. Choose the location to save the PST file after conversion along with preferred file size.
  5. Now, fetch the user accounts and select the ones that you want to export to Outlook.
  6. Finally, start the export process.
  7. Import the PST file into MS Outlook 2019/16/13/10/07/03.

This method actually transfers data from Google Workspace to Outlook PST for offline access.

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