How to Import Maildir to Outlook | 3 Simple Stages

maildir to outlook

How to Import Maildir to Outlook | 3 Simple Stages

Sep 7, 2021, 6:18:44 PM Tech and Science

Maildir is an email format used to store email messages in a separate file with a unique name. It is one of the safest file formats where you have less chance of files getting corrupted. Also, files can be shared from one system to another very easily. It helps you to detect any kind of cybercrime from its structured format. If you want to import Maildir to Outlook, then you have to convert Maildir to PST format. After that, you can access the PST file in Outlook.

Benefits While Importing Maildir to MS Outlook

These are some benefits over Maildir to Outlook Migration:-

  1. Outlook offers the users to access the GUI for communicating through an email message. So, you can convert Maildir to Outlook.
  2. The Outlook is a secure email platform that helps to store the data always in the PST format.
  3. If you want to check the Maildir email messages then you must have access to the server, which leads to a very long process. So, in this case, you need to convert the Maildir to Outlook to access the documents locally.
  4. You can convert files in bulk and also, convert the file with attachments by maintaining the original intact of the files.

Now, let’s get back to the method for Importing Maildir to Outlook.

Method to Import Maildir to Outlook

To import Maildir to Outlook you have to follow the three-stages.


Stage 1`: Export Maildir from Server

If you already have the Maildir files, simply skip this step. this step only exports maildir files from file server and may not be of use in many cases.

  • First, you have to link to the mail server.
  • Then click the email folder. This will show you all the files.
  • Now you can view all the Maildir file folders.
  • After this, you can create a backup of the Maildir file with its subfolder in the local drive.

From the above method, you can only create the Maildir backup with all the subfolders.

If you want to import Maildir to Outlook, opt for a professional tool to convert Maildir into PST format.

Stage 2: Convert Maildir to PST Using Maildir Converter 

The following steps are for maildir files. Those of you who do not know the location of Thunderbird mailboxes or are using MBOX to store Thunderbird emails, kindly go for Thunderbird to Outlook Converter.
The steps are the same as follows with the only exception of choosing Thunderbird / MBOX files instead of Maildir files.
  • Download Maildir Converter and Run as an Administrator.
  • Now, add Maildir to Export and Preview.
  • Here, select the PST file format from the list.
  • Choose the Destination Saving Path.
  • Now tap on the Export button to begin the conversion process.
  • You have successfully converted the Maildir to PST. You can also download the report using the Download Report button

Now, you have converted Maildir files into PST file format. Again, to import converted PST files you have to use the inbuilt feature of Outlook to import PST files in MS Outlook. To do so follow the below procedures:

Stage 3: Import PST to MS Outlook

  • Firstly, you have to log in to MS Outlook and then click on the File tab.
  • Now, Click on the Open and Export option and select the Import/Export option.
  • Select Import from another file or program option from the provided list. Now click on the Next button.
  • Now open the converted PST file from the local drive by Browse and click on the Next Button.
  • At last, click on the Finish button. So, you can finalize the process.

Now, you can successfully access Maildir files into MS Outlook. Using this method the converting process works smoothly and there is no data loss or corruption in the file formats.


I have come up with a solution to “ Import Maildir to Outlook” from the above method. In this method, you cannot convert the file into another file format without using a third-party solution. Also, it is very time-consuming, and the searching speed is slow. As you have to first export the Maildir from the server and then use a third-party solution to import the Maildir to PST. Finally, Import PST to MS Outlook. 

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