Migrate From Entourage to Outlook for Mac With 3 Simple Steps

Migrate From Entourage to Outlook for Mac With 3 Simple Steps

May 15, 2021, 2:03:07 PM Tech and Science

"I recently purchased Office 365. Now I want to access all my previous emails in MS Outlook. I have several email accounts in Entourage on macOS 10.14. However, I don't know how to import data items from Encourage to Mac Outlook. If anyone knows it, please someone recommend a suitable method. Thanks! "

Microsoft Entourage is a discontinued email application. It also works as a personal information manager. It was developed by Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 and later. This email client allows users to send, receive and archive emails. In addition, it maintains a personal calendar of appointments, events and meetings. Since this email application is no longer available, some users wish to migrate from Entourage to Microsoft Outlook on Mac.

This is because Mac Outlook offers various advanced features, such as email, contact management, tasks, diary and so on. However, migrating Microsoft Entourage to Mac Outlook isn't easy, as both email clients use different file formats to store their mailbox data. Entourage uses MBOX files to store its mailbox data, while Mac Outlook uses PST for archiving. Therefore, to perform this migration, MBOX must be converted to the PST file format. Furthermore, there may be many reasons why users migrate from Entourage to Mac Outlook.


  • Entourage is discontinued and does not recieve updates or support.
  • Outlook is one of the best email clients developed bu Microsoft who also developed Entouarge previously
  • The amount of email data storage in Outlook PST is larger
  • The Outlook PST file format is more secure than other formats

How to Import Entourage to Outlook for Mac

The complete process of exporting emails from Entourage to Outlook for Mac is divided into three main stages. All users have to do is carefully follow the guidelines and to avoid any kind of data loss.

Step 1: Export the mailbox data from Entourage

  • Launch the Microsoft Entourage application and click on the "File" tab
  • Select "Export >> Project in Entourage Archive"
  • Select all the fields you wish to export
  • Click on the "Right Arrow" to continue the process, then select the "Yes, delete items from the accompanying files after archiving" option
  • Then click the right arrow button again to solve the "How to switch from Entourage to Outlook for Mac" problem
  • Click on the "Save" button to save the output MBOX file on your computer

Step 2: convert the Entourage MBOX file to PST format

To migrate into Outlook from Entourage on Mac, first, convert the MBOX file to PST file format. For this conversion process, you need to have Mac MBOX to PST Converter. It helps users to export Entourage to MS Outlook. The tool is easy to use and can also maintain data integrity. No technical knowledge is required for this conversion. The tool also provides some other features, which are discussed below.

  1. Download and install the software tool on your Mac computer
  2. Start the tool and hit the "Add file" button
  3. Now, go to the location where the MBOX file was saved, then select the file, then click "Open" >> "Next".
  4. Select the PST format and apply the advanced settings.
  5. Next, click on the "Browse" button to save the exported PST file to import Entourage into Outlook for Mac
  6. Finally, click on the "Export" button to complete the program correctly
  7. Now, your Entourage MBOX file has been converted to the PST file format.

Step 3: Import the PST file into Mac Outlook

  • Launch the Mac Outlook email client and click Tools >> Import
  • Here, select the option Outlook archive files for Windows (.pst) and click on the "Continue" button
  • Navigate to the location where the PST file was saved, then select PST and click on "Import"
  • The import process will start immediately and all data elements of the PST file will be imported into Mac Outlook
  • Allow the PST import process to complete, then click the "Finish" button

Now you can easily access Entourage emails in Mac Outlook

Final note

There are many situations where users need to migrate from Entourage to Outlook on Mac. However, users do not know how to migrate Entourage to Outlook Mac. To resolve this problematic situation, we have proposed this article. Here, we discuss an exceptional technology that can easily transfer all data items from Microsoft Entourage to Outlook for Mac.

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