Ten Powerful Ways to Increase Sales

Ten Powerful Ways to Increase Sales

Ten Powerful Ways to Increase Sales

Oct 21, 2021, 11:07:15 AM Business

Businesses across the globe are chasing the holy grail of increasing sales numbers. Many brands rarely see the value of their sales skyrocket and are still wondering as to how to increase sales in business. They may go through several iterations and tweak everything from their marketing plan to websites to increase sales failing to get the results. Also, the sales figures for several businesses have plummeted due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is that several progressive businesses have found a solution to the problem of declining sales. They have quickly incorporated breakthrough mobile marketing technologies like moLotus in their marketing mix. New mobile technologies have revolutionized selling by making campaigns automated, hyper-personalized, and immersive for customers. Mobile marketing technologies have transformed the customer processes re-shaping new customer acquisition, selling volume, and profitability. The brand-customers interface has been completely revamped and is no longer the same. The right technology contributing towards selling ultimately determines the brand’s profitability. 

Here are the ten powerful ways to increase sales :

1. Focussing on Brand Awareness

Brand awareness campaigns mark the beginning of the sales revenue generation process. Undeniably, businesses invest considerable time, effort, and finance into the development of new products and services. They cannot wait long to sell them. They must showcase their newly launched offerings in front of customers. Modern businesses are looking for out-of-the-box ideas to increase sales. Innovative awareness campaigns designed via tools like moLotus are helping businesses to showcase their products resulting ultimately in more sales and profits. Interestingly, over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new brand or product via mobile videos (Source: Shopkick). 

2. Generating More Leads

Generating more qualified leads results in more sales. Across the globe, more brands are using tools like moLotus for generating and converting leads into sales. moLotus driven lead generation campaigns have proved to be the most effective way to generate qualified leads and sales. The uniqueness of these campaigns lies in promptness in capturing leads without alienating customers. The spam-free campaigns are helping brands to attract more customers to their products and at the same time convert them. Recent research shows that sales for several global brands have quadrupled after the adoption of moLotus mobile advertising for lead generation.

3. Increasing Customer Acquisition

Effective sales generation rests on more customer acquisition. However, the high cost of new customer acquisition could be a dettarant in affecting high sales volume. Therefore businesses should look for cost-effective ways for customer acquisition. Marketing tools like moLotus have been designed to help businesses in new customer acquisition. moLotus offers innovative and cost-effective customer acquisition campaigns increasing sales volume for businesses.


4. Enhancing Brand-Customer Interaction

Brand-customer interaction increases sales volume. Customers tend to respond better to those brands that interact contextually with them. Therefore brands should intrigue and interact more with customers and instill confidence. Customer confidence is expected to drive more sales. Recent trends show that more brands are using advertising platforms like moLotus for creating informative and interactive campaigns with multiple response options like SMS, Callback, Click URL, etc. Interestingly, moLotus supports a variety of rich media formats including video, dynamic greetings, brochures, slideshow, and showcase Businesses can enhance their customer communication by using pictures, voice-over and music, creating attractive storyboards, brochures, catalogs, and HQ videos upto 40 sec. in their messages. The end result of these efforts would be more sales!

5. Emphasize on Customer Loyalty & Retention

Maximizing sales volume is the ultimate goal of loyalty & rewards campaigns. Rewarding loyalty is appreciated by existing customers. Research reveals that mobile loyalty campaigns induce them to buy more products and services ensuring high-margin revenue generation. It would be wise for businesses to use tools like moLotus which deliver personalized messages for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, and festivals that are custom-branded with options for name, greeting, reward, call-to-action for each customer. These campaign messages improve customer loyalty adding to more sales. 

6. Expand Sales Territory

Expanding sales territories has a number of benefits, including better customer coverage leading to increased sales. Marketing campaigns ensuring greater reach and scalability assist in territory expansion and better sales. New technologies like moLotus come in handy for businesses looking for increasing sales via increasing sales territories. Through globally scalable moLotus campaigns businesses can target millions of customers spread across the globe quickly. Campaigns triggered by moLotus are customized according to language, interests, demography, etc. leading to more selling opportunities. The technology instantly delivers automated messages to massive customer databases directly into their inbox irrespective of phone type or model without involving any app or data charges. 

7. Sales Process Automation

During the current pandemic, innovative businesses are fast adopting digital transformation improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing sales by automating sales processes. Interestingly tools like moLotus are automating and transforming sales processes end-to-end. As marketing technology continues to evolve, the breakthrough moLotus mobile automation capabilities are transforming the entire customer-related process right from lead generation, outbound calls, and more leading to more selling opportunities. Consequently, customers need not attend calls from pushy representatives. They can now conveniently purchase products and services simply by replying to automated mobile messages.

8. Upselling & Cross-selling More

Undoubtedly, it is easier to sell more existing customers than prospective ones. Studies reveal that the probability of selling to a prospective customer is just 5 to 20%. The probability of selling to existing customers is a whopping 60-70%. However, businesses are clear about how to increase sales with existing customers. They should utilize their existing customer base by providing them add-on deals and offers. Upselling and cross-selling have been proven techniques to increase average order value and boost purchase volume (Source: Groove). Businesses have perceived considerable selling opportunities in these uncertain times using tools like moLotus to strike maximum sales via upselling and cross-selling campaigns. They are creating additional offerings for upselling and cross-selling resulting in a higher average profit per customer.

9. Leverage Rich Media Advertising

Rich media is fantastic for engaging customers and achieving more sales. When customers interact with a rich media ad format, they are more likely to remember the brand and ultimately get converted. It is quite interesting to watch how brands are using tools like moLotus offering rich media formats for brand storytelling. moLotus enhances brand story-telling by offering a variety of rich media formats including video, greeting, brochure, slideshow, and showcase. Brands can add product pictures, voice-over, and music, creating ads in the form of attractive storyboards and video messages that are delivered to customers’ mobile devices. These ads are cost-effective and interactive.

More and more brands are strategically leveraging moLotus HQ videos upto 40 sec and rich media in particular stages of the sales funnel to guide customers through the intended sales process. For instance, they can easily create distinct moLotus video ads targeting different stages like the awareness stage, consideration stage, and conversion stage. All these increase sales revenues ultimately!

10. Tracking & Monitoring Sales Performance

Achieving sales targets requires active monitoring of sales performance throughout days, weeks, and months or even years. Tools like moLotus concentrate on boosting sales performance by making it easier for businesses to track, monitor, and adjust campaigns based on the insights gathered. moLotus equips businesses with robust real-time campaign tracking and data analytics. With access to real-time analytics, businesses are capable of enhancing sales performance, optimizing effectively, and, therefore, earning greater ROI.


The pursuit of increasing sales in businesses in the digital era is all about embracing the right tools and technology. For any business, it has become unavoidable to use digital marketing tools like moLotus. The technology has allowed the products and services to reach a wide range of customers globally cost-effectively. Today, marquee brands consider moLotus as the most efficient tool for spreading awareness, promoting products and services, maximizing customer lifetime value, and finally boosting sales. Happy Selling!

Published by Stephen Taylor

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