Give Up to Go Up

Give Up to Go Up

Dec 7, 2016, 3:45:17 PM Business

Have you ever found yourself stuck in life? Where you felt lost, alone and full of heavy baggage? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this fight, we all have that.

Remember those times when you feel so passionate about something in your life and then you suddenly find yourself stuck in a standstill? You lost momentum, and then you say to yourself, alright, I’ll go another round when I get my inspiration back. Have you ever found yourself asking, why does it seem like there’s always a stop sign to my goals?

The reality is that getting an inspiration might be as closer to yourself as you think and you can win it back anytime, the only key is letting go. In life, there will always be obstacles and roadblocks that we must learn to live with and maneuver from. They are not stop signs, they are simply there to measure our growth, to see whether we are bigger than our challenges.

The true measure of a leader is on how much weight he can carry.

Once we have accepted the fact that obstacles and roadblocks are normal, it becomes easier for us to keep going. But what if you just really don’t feel like it and you feel really down? Don’t beat yourself up! I’ve also been there, many times to count too! But you have to keep picking yourself up and start the fire yourself. Yes, it does help to have a mentor or a coach to be there for you to light up the initial spark, but at the end of the day, a mentor and a coach can only do so much. You have to keep your fire by adding piles and piles of wood on your pit, you have to keep it burning.

One thing I learned from my mentor is to keep doing things that contribute to your goals even when you don’t feel like doing them. Believe me, it didn’t make sense to me at first because it is really difficult when emotions are involved, but what’s important is to keep trying- it worked for me! I just kept trying and trying and it just happened, suddenly everything makes more sense, little by little. Do you remember your parents telling you, “You don’t understand it yet because you’re still young but you’ll understand when you’re older”? The same philosophy applies in business, there is a reason why the ones who already made it say this, they are not merely words, they have substance deeply rooted from their own personal pains and struggles that they’ve already overcame- the reason why they are successful.

Once you’ve reached that state of deeper understanding, you’ll see how easier it will be for you to let go of whatever is holding you down- personal relationships, frustrations, sickness, health or whatever. Once you let go, you see yourself stronger than ever even though you feel depleted at times, you will keep going.

My mentor taught me that planning for a goal is not just a weekly thing, it is a conscious effort to accept the fact that you will feel exhausted, beaten down, frustrated and lonely at times, and that will go on for not just one, not two, and not even three weeks, it may even take a year or more, depending on what goes on in your life, and it doesn’t matter what happens in your life, what matters is how you will come out of it, and you have to accept that fact and keep going. Scary right? And that is why not everyone becomes successful because not everyone are brave enough to face that reality.

If your goal isn’t scary and exciting, then it’s not a big enough goal for you. -Bob Proctor

Once you’ve come to this point of no return from the momentum you’ve built up, you’ll realize that you are also starting to speed up the process of your personal success.

Liken this to a hot air balloon, for it to rise, you have to have fire, you slowly increase the density of the heat so the balloon will start to rise. The balloon will only go up so much and will come to a standstill, the only way for you to let if fly higher is to release the “baggage” attached to its sides. Every time you untie a baggage, it will fly higher and higher until there’s no limit to it, you now have a choice whether to go cruising with minimal fire or to go even higher.

Just like what I learned from my mentors, to achieve the level of success that you want in life, keep going, don’t stop, keep your momentum, speed up, and reach something even higher than your desired goal before you rest, and then keep cruising.

I hope you gained a lot from this week’s article, and I hope this gave you courage to let go of whatever it is in your life that you have no control of. Always remember that the only control you have is yourself.

Keep growing guys!

Published by Steve Cang

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