How to Parent a Toddler

How to Parent a Toddler

Dec 27, 2021, 5:52:56 PM Life and Styles

Parenting is a full-time job that requires you to play different roles in the life of your child. As a parent, you should be ready to deal with the different phases of your child growing up; this way, you can influence and nurture their growth accordingly. One phase most parents dread is when the kids are toddlers. Toddlers are often full of tantrums and find it difficult to deal with compromise or disappointment; unchecked could lead to misbehavior.

There are several simple ways to parent and nurture a toddler. You can do this through love, rules, and routine. Here are a few parenting tips you should consider.

Prevent Tantrums

As stated before, toddlers are bound to throw tantrums, especially when things don't go their way. There are practical ways you can effectively reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of these tantrums. Start by,

• Knowing your child's limits- the toddler may throw a tantrum or misbehave because they cannot comprehend what you are asking them or telling them to do.

• Explain how to follow rules- instead of focusing on the negative, it's best to explain to the child how to do something.

• Take no calmly- it's best to keep your cool when the child says no. Take this chance to distract the toddler or make fun out of good behavior. Children tend to be more responsive when an activity is fun.

• Encourage communication- this may seem tiresome, but always remind your child to use words when expressing themselves or to request something.

• Avoid situations that may trigger tantrums- toddlers are active, which means they cannot sit in one place for long. When going on long trips, be sure to carry toys or bring a fun activity to keep them busy.

Enforce Consequences

Despite all your efforts, your child is bound to break the rules. It's advisable to ignore minor tantrums such as crying or frowning. However, if they kick and scream for an extended period, it may be time to bring in the consequences. To instil discipline in the toddler, you may want to consider;

• Logical consequences- this is where you create a consequence for their actions. For example, if they don't keep their toys properly after playing, you will take away the toys.

• Natural consequences- this is where you let them learn on their own. For example, if they destroy their toys, they won't have another to play with.

• Withholding privileges- here, when the child misbehaves, you threaten to take away something they love, for example, a blanket, toy or even a favorite dessert.

Regardless of your choice of consequence, it's advisable to always follow up on your warnings. This way, you can set up boundaries and guidelines for good behavior. Remember to criticize their behavior positively instead of constantly criticizing them.

Set a Good Example

Setting a good example is one of the fundamental principles behind intentional parenting. You don't expect your children to behave in a certain way when you are doing the opposite. Children are likely to imitate your mannerism as a parent. When you want them to do something, show them the best way to do it by doing it yourself first.

Show them Love

All in all, you need to show your child love. Showing them affection often proves more effective compared to all the punishments and consequences you can impose. Frequently shower them with hugs, kisses and a little bit of tough love. Always remember to praise them for good behavior and even reward them. This way, you can effectively motivate them to follow rules.

Raising a child to be an upstanding member of the community can be one of the most rewarding things as a parent. There are simple and practical ways to deal with a toddler without having to stress too much.

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