The 10 Latest Tech Trends You Should Follow In 2021


The 10 Latest Tech Trends You Should Follow In 2021

Aug 16, 2021, 7:54:12 AM Tech and Science

During this 2021, we will see many of the trends that were appearing timidly in the chaotic 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic mature.

This evolution was especially relevant thanks to the fact that many companies were suddenly adapting to an unknown work model on many occasions, talking about cybersecurity, accessing an audience that they did not reach before the pandemic.

Making the internet a safe environment, as offers, whether in the entertainment or information sector, has been the objective of many business platforms until now.

Whether it is individual or professional, technology has come to make our lives easier in most cases. Therefore, you can not stay without knowing what technological trends to follow in 2021

Technological trends for 2021

IoB - Internet of Behavior

In Spanish, many talk about the Internet of behavior. This is a process where data is obtained from the daily activity of users to improve and personalize the product / user experience, once the data has been combined and processed.


With teleworking already established in our society, if there is one aspect that matters to both workers, clients, and companies themselves, it is the privacy of the data of each interested party.

Experiences as virtual as possible

Offering the best experience, living the best experience, will be the goal of every company and every user.

With safety distances almost established in our daily routine, virtual employee / user / company relationships, with which to avoid physical contact, will reach more and more value.

Multi-cloud services

Multi-cloud services is one of the trends that will have the most value in 2021. With this service, companies with a high number of employees will be able to work on the same project, for example, without having to go to the workplace, and being able to control at all times the evolution process of the project in real time for each party.

Edge Computing

This trend comes after giving even more value to the IoT technologies, since they need it to continue their growth.

Edge Computing is not only a boost for IoT technologies, but also for cloud services and latency reduction, optimizing the service that companies come to provide.

Teleworking and remote activities

Life and the way of doing things have changed. With it, work.

Many were the companies that were almost forced to transform digitally, something that will continue to grow without measure since in this way the optimization of time increases production 100%.

Cybersecurity is not far behind

With 2021 expected as happened the previous year with growing and increasingly elaborate cyber attacks, cybersecurity will try to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals through technological innovations.

Boost Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies in recent years and is gaining more ground in technological innovation.

Although there is still a lot of government support to launch projects with AI as the main driver, we undoubtedly think that AI will continue to grow in 2021 to be an innovation with which to solve daily problems such as lack of transparency, breaches, trust, etc.

Smart companies adapted to digital change

By 2021, companies will be increasingly intelligent, adapting quickly to each change.

Express digital adaptation will also be a digital trend in 2021 and one of those that has the most weight in how companies survive the post-pandemic era.

Hyper-automation and process digitization

Another "trend" that has brought to the workplace adaptation to the accelerated digital transformation that many companies have been rushed to install is process automation.

This automation comes to bring benefits such as cost reduction, time optimization, measured organization, and greater productivity.

Published by Steven J. Weiss

Written by Steven J. Weiss

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