Aug 25, 2017, 9:21:05 PM Creative


Suffocating transition,
Heart engulfed in pain,
Despair and pity,
Bump my head against the ceiling,
It was time to leave my City.
How do I breathe? I feel stagnant.
Uninspired, slowly dying; I'm praying and l'm crying,
Out of character, I'm whining.
There was a glimmer of the future
Of which said future featured you;
It would've been simple to buy a ring,
Create a life and start anew.
Thank you for loving me,
It reveals a soul currently exists inside.
I don't want to leave my city;
A race started that I'm late in running,
Three thousand miles away my baby-girl,
She’s just effortlessly stunning;
Will ruthless ambition be my downfall?
Yet before 13 I'd already lost it all.
Normalcy then complacency
Job, commute, house keys
Homework, chores, day-to-day
Doctors visits, flu shots, meetings with the PTA
Yearning, my heart, craving much more
Wondering about the path on the other side of the door
Drifting, searching
Finding Sean
Drifting, searching
Hoping to find Sean


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