Searching For the Historical Earnings Dates

Searching For the Historical Earnings Dates

Jun 9, 2021, 2:31:46 PM Business

A company, by law, releases earnings every quarter and at the end of the year. This is called quarterly earnings reports and annual or yearly earnings reports. The time and date when these earnings are released is called earnings date. By historical earnings date, we mean to imply the older earnings dates of a stock. For example, if you put in the search query for Google earnings date and look for its historical earnings, you will get results for previous earnings dates. Stocks earnings dates are different from the earnings report dates. As the name suggests, the report date is when a company officially announces its financial results. Most of the time, the two dates can mean the same. However, some unprecedented events can change the earnings date and report date.

Understanding a company’s performance through earnings

Earning performance of a company can determine whether the stock price will go up or fall. This is so because earnings determine the financial health of a company. When companies announce their earnings dates, they give their investors a peep into profitability or loss incurred over a given period. Additionally, it is also a good indicator of economic conditions that are suitable for making profits. After a company announces its earnings date, there is a movement in the share price. Historical earnings dates are referred for making speculations for the times to follow. Through its official statement, any company, for example, Google, will announce its earnings on a fixed date. Google earnings dates can be later checked for review and comparison.

Importance of historical earnings dates

Historical earnings dates hold much importance for investors because they can speculate what would come ahead based on these dates. Share prices tend to increase in case the company has maintained a profitable stance in the past.

Earnings reports of the past are available through stockearning table. You can enter your search query for a particular date, for instance, Google earnings date, and hit enter. It will give you the result of previous earnings along with other metrics. Apart from this, investors can also get earnings reports from SEC. Their system is called EDGAR, and it enables the public to search for the earnings of any company that’s traded publicly.

When’s the earnings date?

New traders often do not know the frequency of company earnings. As a rule, all publicly traded companies must file their earnings in detail every quarter and annually. Additionally, the companies must also present the data of their earnings in both quarters, i.e., semi-annually. Historical earnings dates are a good parameter to understand if an investor should buy stocks ahead of earnings announcements or not. Ideally, the investors must not buy new stock in a month of the earnings report. However, if you choose to buy, the number of shares must be lesser, given positive price action.

Buying/Selling Stocks according to Earnings

As far as selling is concerned, a portion of each growth stock must be sold before the earnings announcement. In simple terms, you mustn’t buy or sell a lot of stock in case of the volatility of growth stock. Sometimes, a company posts beat earnings and also lowers its guidance. This is done so that they can bring down predictions for profits or future sales during their earnings results. Lower guidance often frightens traders, which in turn lowers the price of a share.

Earnings season is also considered essential for investors. Google earnings dates, for example, are released during certain months of the year. Every company, more or less, has the same earnings dates. These months are known as earnings season. The price of shares in the stock market is dependent on supply and demand. These are the two main factors that drive the share price. The stock market is more or less like the economic market.

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