Hell or High Water Review

Hell or High Water Review

Sep 25, 2016, 9:45:31 PM Entertainment

You've probably heard a lot about Hell or High Water in the past few weeks, a lot of good from this movie with critics saying it had good chances to be nominated at the Oscars. So it's a good time to post my review of it. It’s a movie starring Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham.

It’s a chase movie, keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time. On one side you have Chris Pine and Ben Foster playing two brothers robbing banks to pay the reverse mortgages of the ranch while on the other side you have Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham who play Texas rangers pursuing them. Throughout the movie, the tension builds up to that ultimate confrontation between the two groups of characters, it’s gripping, they only meet at that moment, the rest of the time they have separate scenes, the chase building up to that moment. The character played by Jeff Bridges takes his time to analyze what the brothers are doing and why and where they could be headed next, he’s patient. It’s an old character who is close from retirement and gets his last investigation. He’s the good old ranger from Texas and Jeff Bridges was really a great choice for this role, it suits him perfectly. He delivers an amazing performance.

The interesting thing about the robberies done by the brothers is that they are robbing the bank company which they are suppose to pay the mortgage, they’re paying their due with the bank’s money. The situation in which Toby (played by Chris Pine) is, reflects the problem a lot of Americans suffered with the mortgage crisis, their inability to pay these huge mortgages, this extreme poverty. You can feel it also with the scenery, it really represents this part of America that suffered. You have this character Toby who’s finding the extreme solution to this problem by robbing the bank itself, furthermore you can’t totally blame the character for doing what he does, he’s only doing what we could call justice, in a way. Toby is not a bad man, everything he’s doing is for his sons, he wants to give them the ranch, he’s doing everything for the good of his children so that they would not be in his situation one day, that’s what every father would do. Tanner (played by Ben Foster) on the other hand is different, he’s been in jail before, he’s a criminal, he kills people, he’s more like the dangerous sidekick which is a huge contrast with his brother who doesn’t kill. The two actors shine with their performances, Chris Pine is at his best as usual, a masterful performance, he’s without any doubt one of the best actors of his generation.

Taylor Sheridan who previously wrote Sicario once again gives us a smart and complex thriller, with well-written characters and great dialogues. He’s a skillful writer who knows what he does with his stories. The director David Mackenzie paints this story with great shots, a compelling range of emotions. Despite being set in our time, the movie borrows some elements of the Western, with its atmosphere and this chase of outlaws being pursued by the rangers. It’s a movie that deals with a lot of subjects. The final encounter between the characters played by Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges is one of the most intense moments of the movie, it’s all about what is said in the dialogue and the two actors’s performances, it’s captivating until the end, you can feel the tensions between the two characters, the way it’s filmed, it all create this intense atmosphere.

9/10 The best thriller of the year, smart, complex, gripping! Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges are brilliant! A must-watch!


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