Scream Queens: Let's All Go To The Hospital

Scream Queens: Let's All Go To The Hospital

Sep 25, 2016, 9:51:08 PM Entertainment

Scream Queens season 2 premiered on Tuesday - new characters, new set and a new killer! The first season took place at Wallace University and focused on the sorority called Kappa Kappa Tau suffering from a wave of murders. It's a comedy-thriller parodying the clichés you can find in horror movies. If you wonder, there are no gory scenes like in horror movies, but you can find from time to time some violent scenes but no more than in the scifi TV show Fringe. At the end of season 1, there were some survivors and the killer was arrested but what we will talk about today is the second season! 

It takes place three years after the first season and this time the action takes place in an hospital! Oh. My. Gauze. (to quote Chanel Oberlin) Obviously, this is not the usual hospital people go to, it's where the incurable is curable. One of the patient we see is actually a hairy woman as much as hairy as Chewbacca and the doctors are "supposed" to find a cure to this disease, to our surprise it's actually Chanel who finds a cure to this! It just sets the tone to the level of craziness we're gonna get this season. Just like in the first season, this new chapter opens with a flashback scene from 1985, with someone dying and a pregnant woman ... no need to say that this baby will probably want to avenge his father's unrightful death hence why there's a new killer - the Green Devil. After the Red Devil, that's original, right? Well, not really ... not at all but it's so deliciously funny that we can forgive the team of this problem. 

Yes, exactly, it's deliciously funny. Scream Queen season 2 premiere delivers where it's good at the absurd, stupid, crazy kind of comedy, parodying horror movies just as its previous season. There's a lot of killer lines and memorable scenes. I think there's a lot of quotes you can use daily just for fun. One of my favorite moments would be when Dr. Brock Holt talks about the operation he did on separating the Hemsworth brothers while actually they aren't twins at all. 

Among the characters, there's plenty of returning characters, Scream Queens without Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Roberts) and Cathy Munsch (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) wouldn't be the same at all! There are also new additions like Taylor Lautner and John Stamos playing two doctors. They're great addition to the cast! It just fits with the series and the atmosphere of the season and for now my prime suspect is definitely the character played by Lautner, there's something off about him in a very weird way. 

So is Scream Queens season 2 off to a good start? Hell yes - a lot of laugh and a lot more of insanity! It doesn't disappoint. This change in the series hasn't hurt it, it's just as good as season 1 so far!

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