Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad Review

Sep 25, 2016, 9:34:43 PM Entertainment

Suicide Squad was released in August and it recently passed the $700 million at worldwide box office. Directed and written by David Ayer, it's starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jared Leto, Joel Kinnaman. I think it's not too late to post a review about it and it's great for a first post on My Trending Stories.

 I saw it on the day it was released as a DC Comics fan, I had to, I couldn’t wait for another day. It was full for the showing I went, literally every single places was taken so there was a lot of people to see this movie!

Suicide Squad is part of the DC Extended Universe and is the third installment of the franchise (the first two being Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’ll review the ultimate edition of BvS in the upcoming days).

This third installment takes place not long after Batman V Superman, we get the mention of Superman’s death and we see a part of the scene from BvS of his funerals. Much like its previous installment, this new DC movie is set on a rather dark tone which I love. It’s not all happy and joy with jokes all around, no, it’s a dark world where the danger is always present and it totally fits with this universe – a world where you have the Joker and other crazy criminals like Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and people like Amanda Waller, creatures like Doomsday (in BvS) so it has to be gloomy. It doesn’t mean that this movie doesn’t have any humorous scenes, it has some, the humor mostly comes from the craziness of the characters with small things they do or say, like when Harley Quinn breaks a window store to take a handbag and she says “We’re bad guys, it’s what we do” or when Deadshot explains maths to his daughter by taking for example when he kills people, the trajectory of the bullet.

The characters present in the movie are well-known by the fans of the comics but some may not for the general movie audience and it’s alright because the movie takes time to introduce them and give us their backstory. Indeed, the first ten/fifteen minutes are about telling us who the characters are. We are introduced to Amanda Waller, the one who wants to create this task force of villains, she’s a strong female character, determine to achieve what she wants. She doesn’t feel any guilt, she just acts. Right from the start, we see what kind of character she is, the psychopath kind of character. We can’t really say that she is one of the good guys, she’s just as villain as the members of the task force she creates. I think Viola Davis is the perfect choice for this role, I couldn’t have seen another actress for this, Davis just kills it as Amanda Waller, she delivers a powerful and explosive performance, she’s a real boss, there’s no other words for this. We are also introduced to the members of the task force with flashbacks for Deadshot and Harley Quinn in which we see Batman played by Ben Affleck. He’s the one who arrest them. Deadshot is an assassin, he kills for money and never misses his target but he is also a father and his daughter is more important than anything, so he’s not this cold blood killer, he’s very human, him being an assassin is just a job for him to earn money, a lot of money. Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot is not the crazy psychopath kind of villain, he’s the kind of villain who has a heart. Harley Quinn is the true opposite, she is totally insane (and she’s the “funniest” character of the squad because of this craziness) but as the flashbacks teach us, she is not crazy at the beginning, she is Harleen Quinzel a psychiatrist who is supposed to study The Joker in prison but she falls in love with him and that’s when she becomes crazy and the two have a really unhealthy relationship. An interesting easter egg is one of the flashback scenes features Harley Quinn in her classic jester outfit dancing with the Joker. If you have read The Killing Joke, the Joker is created by falling into a vat of toxic products and guess what happens in Suicide Squad? The Joker takes Harleen Quinzel to this vat and as some kind of ceremony they jump in it ‘creating’ Harley Quinn’, it’s a disturbing scene and really shows how much their relationship is unhealthy. Margot Robbie brings an amazing performance as Harley Quinn, she brings this deadly craziness, this humor, this sexy and super-badass side of the character perfectly. For Jared Leto, he gives us the most accurate version of the Joker, it’s the closest version to the comics we have gotten so far (Jack Nicholson’s being just behind and he remains my favorite Joker but I can’t deny how good Leto is as this character). The Joker is extremely psychotic, he’s so psychotic that we can’t even be part of the Suicide Squad, he’s too crazy to obey orders. He plays a secondary role in this movie, he comes in and out of the story but he still has a significant time on screen with a lot of action and insanity. We also get an introduction for Captain Boomerang, an assassin, thief who is also insane, he gets his flashback and in this flashback, we see THE FLASH in his armor arresting him, I was so fanboying during this moment, I couldn’t believe it. Grant Gustin is an awesome Flash/Barry Allen in the TV show and so I wasn’t sure about Ezra Miller being the Flash/Barry Allen in the movies universe but this (and also the Justice League footage revealed at SDCC this year) totally convinced me he would be an awesome Flash as well and I can’t wait forThe Flash movie! He is in Suicide Squad for 10 seconds but these ten seconds are pure moments of fanboying/fangirlging! I’m not specially a fan of Jai Courtney but I have to say that he brings the right amount of insane to the character and delivers a great performance! Rick Flag and The Enchantress/Dr. June Moore get introduced to us as well. Rick Flag is the leader of the task force, he is a military, he is the more “sane” of the group actually, him and GQ Edwards, a navy SEAL played by Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint’s son, the one who looks exactly like him when Clint was young!). Dr. June Moore is possessed by The Enchantress, the big villain of this movie, it’s an ancient force who wants to destroy the humans and for that, she needs an army so she captures humans and transforms them in some ugly creatures to serve her as her army. She uses her powers to try to destroy humanity with the help of her brother because they don’t worship her like she would want. There are three other characters who get a smaller introduction – Killer Croc, a villain turned into a reptilian-like creature, El Diablo is a former gang member who killed his wife and his children when getting angry and using his power that are quite devastating – fire, Katana, she is Rick’s bodyguard, she uses a mystical sword that holds the souls of its victims including her husband unlike the other villains, she is not a criminal, she is decided to join them. We have a diverse cast of characters, the worst heroes ever like the poster says and what happens when you bring all these characters together – it makes a 2-hour awesome action-packed movie! And how can these villains just agree to do the job and follow Amanda and Rick’s orders, Amanda has implanted a bomb in their neck that can be triggered and kill them if they disobey, one of the members unfortunately disobeys and dies – Slipknot, basically he is just there to die so he doesn’t need introduction.

Each character are developed properly, we have the time to discover and love the characters, they all (except Slipknot of course) have their own personality and identity, they all their own moments, we have character development and it allows us to care about the characters even if they are totally crazy. My personal favorites are definitely Amanda Waller, she is so badass!, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. I felt sorry for Quinn when she thought she lost her Joker, it was an emotional moment for her. I also felt sad when El Diablo told his story. They’re villains and yet we are able to get attach to them, Ayer really did a great job with that, they’re not just villains, they are their own characters.

The plot is quite simple – Amanda Waller creates this task force of villains after Superman’s death as she sees that they need their own weapon against new threats and a new threat quickly emerges – The Enchantress who besieges Midway City. The team is supposed to extract an important package in the city who is in fact Amanda Waller, when she is about to leave after being “rescued,” her helicopter crashes and she is compromised, The Enchantress’s soldiers capture her, Rick wants to continue the mission despite the team wanting to stop but ultimately they all decide to go and destroy The Enchantress. This plot gives plenty of epic action scenes! How does the Joker fit in all of this? He wants to free Harley Quinn by disabling her bomb and rescue her, unfortunately, his helicopter is destroyed and he is left for dead in the second part of the movie until the last scene where he finally gets Harley out of prison! I want to say, give us the sequel to Suicide Squad now, I need it!

Visually, it’s breathtaking, there are impressive special effects and great designs for the characters, we remain in the same style as Batman V Superman and Man of Steel with David Ayer giving his own vision to the movie. It’s well edited, there are some amazing shots.

In terms of soundtrack, Steven Price composed the music, there are good tracks but not as outstanding as Hans Zimmer did in the two previous installments of the franchise. What is really amazing in the music is the choice of songs that totally fit with the movie, it includes songs by The Rolling Stones, Queen, Lesley Gore, AC/DC, The Animals, The White Stripes, Eminem. The album released doesn’t contain all the songs used in the movie, it even contains songs not used in the movie but that can be explained by the fact that some artists give their rights to use their songs in the movie but not in released soundtrack albums. So there is an amazing selection of songs (you can see them at the end of my review). The movie also includes songs written for the movie, my favorites of these new songs are the ones used in the ending credits – Heathens by Twenty One Pilot and Sucker For Pain by Lil Wayne, Whiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors. These two songs embody well the spirit of the movie.

Speaking of ending credits, stay until the end as in the middle there is a scene. This scene features Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne, he promises to protect her after the backlash of The Enchantress situation in exchange of the government’s files concerning the meta-humans (Flash, Aquaman), and so this scene connects with Justice League that will be released in November 2017!

9/10 Suicide Squad delivers 2 hours of entertainment, it’s dark, it’s intense, it’s fun, it’s action-packed, it has great songs, the performances of the cast are all amazing! I couldn’t ask more from a movie based on comic books (I could actually ask one more thing about it, an ultimate edition like for Batman V Superman, it would be even more awesome!).


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